The Secret of the Horned Mountain: Strange Lost People in Nizhny Novgorod region

The Secret of the Horned Mountain: Strange Losses of People in the Nizhny Novgorod RegionA photo from open sources

Weakly gurgled a stream flowing into a shallow mud river, which the same whimsical looped. Stingy light breaking through foliage, lost in the thick of the forest, gliding and dying. Somewhere nearby was swamp – the sweet smell of peat was distinctly felt. It started from here climb the horned mountain. Actually, this is not a mountain, but a hill, but in its district is called a mountain.

“Now look up,” Volodya broke the silence. Malyshev. “What would you call it?”

A cloud hung over the crest of the hill. Such that I involuntarily startled. It looked like a bull with swirling horns. Black shadows ran along the hillside. At that moment, the owl smacked and reigned dead silence, like in a crypt. It became really scary …

Unfortunately, the original article does not indicate the exact location of the horned mountain. Pictured is Dina Mountain in Vachsky District Nizhny Novgorod region.

Virtual wind

I realized that I was taken somewhere wrong. Like the wind carried in some abyss. Thanks to Volodya Malyshev, who feat me on a trip to these lands, ”he grabbed my hand. And the wind immediately lost force.

“When there is no one to help, no one to rely on, people disappear, – said Volodya. – This wind almost fired me too. But the wind is he not real, it is virtual – it is in our minds. If give order yourself not to obey, nothing will happen.

Yes, of course, he was right. But I still could not understand the essence phenomena. It was more multifaceted than I imagined. It was not like any meteorological process taking place. in nature. However, I don’t even know whether it is possible to rank what I saw to already known physical processes. If possible, then, probably only with a very big stretch.

Although, I’m afraid I’m not right. On the effect of condensed clouds on the physical and mental state of a person was not first expressed a meteorologist, not a physicist, but a modest doctor from the county town of Elabuga Rodion Sviridov. Based on his research, he is still in the middle the century before last confirmed what the people knew from the old times: if the clouds hang, a person faces depression. And he brought such statistics: up to 80 percent react in one way or another to a thunderstorm all patients in his outpatient clinic.


These places in the north of the Nizhny Novgorod region have long been considered dead. And not only because there are many swamps. People for some reason bypassed them, although in the sense of fishing everything was here much better than anywhere else. Fur animals were not translated until Soviet times. They hunted here for sable, and for marten, and for ermine, and on a column, and on a squirrel, and such a “small thing” as a ferret or badger, did not touch at all.

But even at the dawn of the development of the Nizhny Novgorod Volga, hunters became to disappear. I went to the forest once – returned without problems, another time – too, but on the third or fourth – all arrived. Explained this one: the bear lifted up. Yes, and wolves were also found. But one thing confused: no trace, not a single one, not even a microscopic one a scrap of clothing. People seemed to evaporate under the influence of high temperatures. But wolves cannot bite a gun!

No documents related to this have reached our days. There is still confusion due to the fact that a number of counties of Nizhny Novgorod were then under the authority of the authorities of the Kostroma province. But something I managed to find.

Historical chronicle

* On June 9, 1878, the district police officer Dulebov reported Kostroma police chief: “I’ve been looking for the missing person for 11 days peasant Seralion Petrov Fedorov, born in 1851, missing while hunting. To this day, his whereabouts have not been Detected. Local residents say that he disappeared de force supernatural reasons, but there are no such reasons in this search manifests itself. ”

* On September 23, 1887, a peasant of the same village of Kuzma disappeared Petrovich Yasenev. Already another police officer, Yakov Morgalov, reported to higher authorities: “There is an illusory delusion that disappearances due to the emergence of a strange form of clouds on Slingshot (the horned mountain is also called now. – Note. S. S.). But Yasenev’s corpse was not found even with a particularly thorough examination terrain. Rumors of diabolical abductions continue circulate. All this is a product of deliberate intoxication of the dark masses from all sorts of good intentions. Perhaps they are involved in killing and hiding the body … ”

* Note in the Volgar newspaper dated October 12, 1899: “5 disappeared October p. two girls 13 and 15 years old, Daria Kovylkina and Matrena Petrovs who went for cranberries to the Horned Mountain. They picked cranberries each individually, but both did not return before dawn, their parents and neighbors did not find the missing. They could not get lost, because They know the surroundings well.

* And finally, a note in the newspaper “Light”, June 1901: “Lower Novgorod. Two weeks ago, the girl Ariadna Levkovich, 9 disappeared years, from the Kostroma province. There is a suspicion that she was taken to Nizhny Novgorod, where it is located in some local brothel and numbered among women engaged in shameful craft, or poor, exploiting children (as in the text. – Yarim. S. S.). Missing girl of medium height, ash-colored hair, eyes gray, dark-skinned face, oblong. Dressed in a blue skirt and white jacket. “Alas, the police never found her anywhere.

Clouds named Asperatus

Few people knew about the strange clouds that appeared over the current territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Some kind of connection with no one also traced the disappearance of people.

However, as it turned out, strange clouds appear not only in these parts. Currently they have been seen in different places. What is it? Any previously unknown processes occurring in the atmosphere? The clouds began to take on amazing shapes. A lot appeared UFO-like (one such cloud was Photographed in 1998 by the scientist A. V. Shitov in the Caucasus). Then, three years later, similar images were made public by V.V. Skripko from Altai University and student S. Rogov. In April 2003 A similar cloud was observed by M. G. Sukhova. The cloud was motionless was over the mountain.

But is this connected with the loss of people? Alas, no one knows. Yes and in general – is there this connection?

By the way, there are other types of cloud anomalies. For instance, the so-called Asperatus clouds, which is translated from English means “uneven, rough.” And indeed this type of cloud has very bizarre and sometimes creepy and sinister form, and meteorologists puzzle over their origin.

A photo from open sources

– Judging by the color, the structures of these clouds contain a lot of moisture, – says Professor Paul Hardaker, ‘British Executive Director Royal Meteorological Society energy and heat to form them in such an amazing shape. I doubt very much that the sought, completely free energy contained in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Although there is a great variety of clouds, such as in the north of the Nizhny Novgorod region, no longer anywhere. what if they really kidnap people? Maybe it’s some disguised UFOs?

I asked this question to the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Anton Zelenov. And here is what he said:

– Scientists still cannot understand what factors influence cloud formation of unusual shape. Suppose the sun, highlighting the uneven base of cloud formation, somehow heats it up, and it begins to behave completely inadequately. But most importantly, no one can even hypothesize how these cloud formations are connected with the fate of people. Moreover: are Do they even cloud formations?

Are these the machinations of the Dark Lord?

It looked like an episode of a science fiction film. In lead the sky hanging over the horned mountain formed a ring through which sun rays made their way. It was not even a cloud, but breakdown in clouds made by some unknown flying apparatus.

I first saw this. But on this celestial extravaganza is not is over. The ring through which the rays pierced, thickened and it began to resemble … a cow’s udder. But that was not all. Cloud once again thickened and took the form of a mushroom – one that occurs in a nuclear explosion.

– All! – signaled me Volodya Malyshev. – How would we now they didn’t disappear at all, just like everyone else.

“You forget that the two of us,” I said. – Only those disappear who alone meets the eccentricities of the atmosphere.

And then Volodya Malyshev surprised me.

“The atmosphere here, as it seems to me, has nothing to do with it,” said he. “That’s all the machinations of the Dark Lord.”

I must say that Volodya seemed to me not a man superstitious.

Sergey STEPANOV. Magazine “Adventures. Secrets. Miracles”


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