The Shine in Ufa. Residents of Ufa discuss strange shine over the city

Radiance in Ufa. Residents of Ufa discuss the strange radiance over the cityA photo from open sources

At night, a strange thing was recorded over the capital of Bashkiria powerful heavenly glow. Ufa residents have been discussing for a day what it was, and can’t find the answer. The options put forward are different: from quite mundane glare of lighting of a shopping and entertainment center up alien landings. Unusual light phenomenon was observed by hundreds residents of Ufa: over one of the busiest urban neighborhoods for several hours under the overhanging clouds a bright heavenly was visible glow. An unusual phenomenon immediately spawned a lot of speculation, starting with the aurora in Bashkiria, the consequences of the strongest magnetic storm, which scientists have warned everyone about, of course same, UFO attacks and landings in the Sipaylovo army of aliens. True, there were more logical and mundane explanations … Representatives of the shopping complex chose well-known tactics press services. They do not deny, but also do not confirm that the glow could be a reflection of the lights of the fuel dispenser. In an interview with local media a representative of the establishment said that no additional they didn’t install equipment, the only thing that they can shine like that – huge letters. Didn’t see anything unusual in beautiful phenomenon and Ufa scientists, experts in heaven phenomena. The planetarium, for example, claims that no UFOs in this day was not fixed over the city. – I’m sure the nature of this earthly glow, not cosmic, because on this day in the sky very cloudy. Pay attention: the glow was intense, but short. Eyewitnesses say that it disappeared very sharply. Why? Yes the floodlights just turned off at exactly 9 p.m. – said Anatoly Denisov, Director of the Ufa Planetarium However, this is not the first unusual glow seen over the city. Ufimets Igor Alekseev most recently – in mid-December – photographed quite rare phenomenon – light poles. It can sometimes be taken for the north radiance. A light pole is an optical effect that represents a vertical streak of light stretching from the sun during its sunset or sunrise. Occurs when sunlight reflects off surfaces of the smallest ice crystals in the air. Expert opinion of Professor Rinat Fatkullin, candidate of geographical sciences: – The northern lights in our latitudes can only be one day in New Year. But seriously, this is impossible because features of the movement of the planet. But it should be said that because active human intervention in the environment in the atmosphere, indeed, often similar phenomena can occur that many people call “radiance.”

Polar Lights

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