The signal from the future seems to have hit radio broadcast

The signal from the future seems to have hit the radioPhoto from open sources

On sites dedicated to the inexplicable and supernatural phenomena, currently intriguing record is spreading. It is alleged that employees of a small British radio station received a cryptic audio whose origin they cannot explain rationally.

According to these media workers, December 6 last years, they, as usual, led the evening radio show, when suddenly happened something amazing. The host had fun talking with students phone, but the broadcast was suddenly interrupted by strong interference. Soon through they heard a voice.

The man informed someone of certain coordinates and spoke of “desert landscape. “This man was probably a military man. Radio host turned to him, and the British, surprisingly, answered. The alleged soldier refused to reveal his identity, referring to a certain “underground charter” (what is it, no one knows).

Of course, at first the announcer considered this a joke. Meanwhile the man on that end of the connection, ignoring our skeptic, continued communicate with someone of their own, informing them of a “small localized civilization, “located east of it. Then something happened even stranger.

At a certain point, the military began to describe his surroundings the situation and said that the sky above him looks almost like that same as in 5720. He reported that the air became rarefied, and they are very hard to breathe, which is especially bad for their health children and adolescents.

The host asked his colleagues to troubleshoot, that is, remove these “pranksters” from the air, and the “interlocutor from the future” in his the queue suddenly demanded that the Briton stop talking until aliasing does not stop. He stated that he was producing an important reconnaissance on the ground, and interference of radio waves should soon pass the. Then the radio announcer decided to ask if he was sending a man sends his signals, by chance, to Britain or, say, the United States.

USA? Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. Speak, – the unknown calmly answered and again addressed his: “Please deal with the person on the line.” I don’t know with whom I say, and from what time is it … And, from 2018? Nothing surprising. Disconnect us soon.

After that, the connection was finally interrupted. According to the presenter, he has been working on the radio for 10 years, but he never had to deal with anything like that before. He and him colleagues, however, try to remind each other less and to strangers about what happened so as not to be ridiculed and, the main thing is not to lose your job. This is why this information is without mentioning the names and real data of the radio station itself.

Did British media workers accidentally catch a signal from far future? No wonder many scientists believe that if time travel is possible, then electromagnetic waves, in fact in the radio frequency range, may in fact be one of types of energy that can move into the past and future. Maybe in 5720, humanity will actually live underground, and The United States will cease to exist by then. Besides Moreover, our descendants will apparently perfectly understand that radio waves can sometimes travel in time …

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