The skier miraculously moved to space and time

The skier miraculously moved in space and timeA photo from open sources

According to Express, in the United States a fantastic case of the disappearance of man and his appearance later in another place, and the Canadian himself, with whom this miracle happened, did not can explain how he suddenly moved from one state of america to another which are apart in several thousand kilometers.

A photo from open sources

Konstantinos Filippidis – Unremarkable 49 Year Old Toronto male firefighter Early February he went with friends to the New York State Adirondack Mountains – To ski. And this is what happened to him (the story of one of his friends):

February 7th, as usual, we were skiing, the day was sunny, pleasant, cheerful mood. Toward evening Konstantinos decided to slide off the slope of Whitefas he loved once more, and we (everyone else) for some reason got tired by that time, but because headed to the hotel. We did not see Philippidis anymore that day. Late in the evening they raised the alarm. Over the next days the missing Konstantinos was searched by all who could: we, the others volunteers, police, rescue special forces, were helicopters, dogs are involved – and he as if through the earth failed. Moreover, all his things, including documents, passport there, remained in hotel, then the police took them …

Exactly a week later, the Canadian suddenly found. However, he appeared in Sacramento California, as researchers immediately identified this incredible event, from Mount Whiteface to the place where Konstantinos Filippidis showed up, 4600 kilometers (see map).

A photo from open sources

Moreover, the man himself can not explain how he disappeared, nor how ended up in Sacramento. According to him, he seemed to wake up from instant oblivion – no skis, no Adirondack mountains, everything has changed all around. When strangers explained to him where he was and what Already on February 14, he was very surprised, contacted rescuers on 911, and also called his wife.

At that time, Philippidis remained dressed in the same ski a suit, even a helmet and glasses were on his head, that’s just skiing somewhere disappeared … Currently, the Canadian has been given medical and psychological help. He feels fine, that’s just remember where he was a whole week and how he ended up in Sacramento, not can.

Ufologists suggest that the man was abducted by aliens, which then simply erased his memory. It’s just not clear why did they return it not to the place where they took it, but for thousands kilometers. Miraculous movement of the Canadian in space and in time is still waiting for its explanation, perhaps under hypnosis he remember where in reality he was and who was involved in this miracle …


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