The skies over New York lit up strange in red

The skies over New York lit up in a weird red color.A photo from open sources

Awesome video recently received by a random motorcyclist from the state of New York, attracted the attention of users World Wide Web.

An operator filming a movie late at night, almost at night, doesn’t understands what it is and asks if it can be polar shining? However, fanatical ufologists Brett and Blake Cousins, leading the popular YouTube channel Thirdphaseofmoon, have a different, more ominous explanation of what happened. According to them, all the fault mysterious activity of aliens.

Research brothers report a similar phenomenon observed recently in Ohio. In late night time, when the sun has long set, the impenetrably dark sky is unexpected lit up in blood red. And it was not a second flash, and a strong glow shining, according to witnesses, more a quarter of an hour. Numerous eyewitnesses were simultaneously frightened and struck by the heavenly phenomenon that he discovered, however, determine it no one was able to nature. Cousins ​​predict that humanity should expect big shocks soon, that come from space. The bloody sky is a harbinger of these terrible events.

About 150 thousand watched an amazing video human. Some Internet users are convinced that speech is still talking about the northern lights. Say, at low latitudes Aurora is capable of acquire a bright red tint. Other commentators adhere to the ufological point of view and suggest that it there was a huge ship of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, illuminated the sky. Still others think it’s a deadly planet. Nibiru is approaching the Earth. According to the fourth, on camera motorcyclist hit a religious omen of any important change in the world.

Scientists are still silent, however, their opinion can be predicted without them – of course, the northern lights, about which other aliens, mysterious planets and even those more heavenly omens can be talked about. All this simply cannot be, because not maybe never …

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