The sky over Ohio has acquired a poisonous purple color

The sky over Ohio has become a poisonous purple colorPhoto from open sources

The YouTube user under the pseudonym Jbreez216 uploaded to the site is a mysterious video shot from his car at the end last week. A man living in the city of Cleveland Ohio claims to be driving home in the evening and suddenly noticed how dark the sky has become saturated, even some kind of poisonous purple shade. Surprised American hastened to get a smartphone and capture what you saw on camera.

In order to prove that an inexplicable glow is not reflection or tinting on the windshield of the car, our hero stuck out the gadget from the car window and photographed the alleged anomaly outside. Returning home, the cog immediately went online and tried to find out if there was a city night any shows with light shows. As expected, the man did not find such information. However, he is already not believed too much that any lighting technique could have been so instant to paint the sky.

World Wide Web regulars who viewed these mysterious frames, began to put forward various theories regarding the causes what happened. Some commentators claim that everything is to blame representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Others say a malfunction of our planet. According to the third, before us is a certain atmospheric a phenomenon like aurora. Finally, the fourth and completely express the view that this phenomenon is supernatural nature.

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