The smallest girl hit doctors

Chance of survival Alian Hart, whose weight at birth was 340 grams, rated as one in a hundred Photo from open sources PHOTO: Youtube / BhamUrbanNewsUK The weight of Elian Hart from the UK at birth in 2003 was 340 grams, she was born prematurely for three months. Lungs girls were not sufficiently developed, so doctors evaluated her chances of survival as one in a hundred. Baby not only survived than surprised doctors, but also went in for sports, showing interest in football. At birth, Hart was small enough, and her mother, 47-year-old Lorrian, could hold her in the palm of her hand. Five years ago, a child went to school, and the mother was afraid that the daughter would be knocked down on the nursery site, as her weight corresponded to the weight of a two-year-old child. However, further development of Hart accelerated, now its growth is 133 cm, which is average for a ten-year-old girl indicator. “Elian is a real tomboy; she likes to play with boys, and recently seriously got involved in sports, – quoted by Daily Mail Lorrian. – She even became a school captain girls’ football team. Mother Hart added that after birth she could not imagine a child that the girl would be worn on the football field. “I feel proud to be appointed Captain, I love school and really love sports, ”said Hart. – I I know that I’m a little less than my peers, but I try to do all so that this is not noticeable on the field. “The girl added that she is more for Manchester United, and her idol is Wayne Rooney. In November 2011, the Law on the Basics of Protection was adopted in Russia health of citizens in the Russian Federation “, according to which doctors obligated to fight for the life of an infant whose birth weight is 500 grams. Previously, the norm was in force, according to which a child was considered a newborn whose weight was not lower than 1 kilograms. A child born with a weight that is not enough established standards, in Russia is considered a fetus, the death of such child when calculating child mortality statistics not taken into account.



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