The smartest person is not necessarily the most happy, rather the opposite

The smartest person is not necessarily the happiest, rather the opposite.A photo from open sources

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smartest child in the world in Kim Un Yeon, who was born in 1962 in the city, was his time Gangneung of South Korea. He began to speak at 6 months, and at 2 years could already read, not only in Korean, but also in German, English and other languages ​​of the world. And at four years old this child prodigy already composing poems in several languages. Also Kim Un-yong in The first years of his life he mastered algebra and other exact sciences.

It was at this time, that is, in 1966, he demonstrates IQ in 200 points, which allowed the boy to get into the famous book world records. After that, NASA scientists became interested in him, where The Korean child prodigy is sent to work already in 8 years.

Today, Kim Un-young recalls these years as a nightmare: he did not live, but was some kind of robot, because he ate, slept, solved complex problems and so on, without even realizing why he needed it. And was very lonely …

At age 16, a young man, despite the persuasion and opening before him career prospects, returns to South Korea, why receives a solid portion of criticism from all sides and a lifetime brand – “defective genius.” But he does it, and ultimately account, it becomes a scientist – not a genius, not world famous, but the most ordinary.

Today, Kim Un-young admits to be the smartest from birth is rather a punishment in our society, because a child immediately deprived of the most important thing – childhood, communication with peers, little joys and sorrows of young years, friendship and much more, from which human happiness is composed.

Many people want to be geniuses, says Kim Un-young, but in fact, the main thing for a person is in a completely different way: it is to live ordinary life, receiving from her the most ordinary impressions, which in their own values ​​exceed any other, such as fame, money, prestigious profession and so on.

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