The soul of man lives in his blood

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Remember the old Soviet film in which a fighter is poured the blood of his “beloved” mother-in-law, after which his character changes for the worse side? But what happened to the hero is not the fiction of the screenwriter at all. Blood really is a carrier of various kinds information, and even our distant ancestors knew perfectly well that man’s soul lives in his blood. No wonder numerous the cannibal tribes, having defeated the battles of their enemies, used in food their blood and organs. It was believed that eating certain parts bodies of victims, transfers to the eater the best qualities of the eaten – his strength, courage, speed, mind … They signed blood for prisoners with “unclean” contracts those who gave him temporary earthly goods his immortal soul … It was symbolic: a piece of his own the soul was left on parchment as a guarantee of the complete future transfer of it into the hands of the devil. At least that’s how many Traditions … The soul of man lives in his blood. 19668.jpegNo the use of blood has never bypassed the rites of satanic sects. Moreover, preference was given to the blood of children and virgins: she was considered the cleanest, not defiled … Even the ancient Greeks bloody sacrifices to their harsh and envious gods victims, however, limited to goats, cocks and others representatives of the fauna. The insides of the killed animal used as divination material. Our contemporary Canadian scientist D. Dolphin put forward a theory according to which vampirism, sometimes found among human beings, is a consequence of a genetic malfunction … Well, not enough vampires own souls, so he drinks blood, wanting to get strangers! Well known theosophist Rudolf Steiner claimed that there are plates in the blood, which are carriers of information about the work of the whole organism and even the information we receive from the outside world … Streams blood carry to the heart what later turns into human “I”. Steiner theories are supported by numerous experiments. So, after the revolution of 1917 in Moscow was created Institute of blood transfusion, in which experiments were carried out with only medical, but also in some way mystical meaning … One of the most significant experiments was a complete blood transfusion from one person to another. In experiment only volunteers took part, including the director’s son Institute, subsequently known geneticist A.A. Malinovsky. And the result was obtained, and what a result! Witnesses who took participation in this program, described the subsequent transformation Malinowski’s slender “goner” in an athletically folded powerful man. Completely replaced blood turned the future medical luminary in a bright and very strong athlete! The experiment turned out to be absolutely successful. How much damage the action taken to his soul – history is silent … As a result a series of similar studies, scientists concluded that blood bodies – red blood cells have the ability to collect information about activities of internal organs. Passing through the brain, they “capture” information about the outside world. Received data are read … by the heart. Academician Valery Shumakov says that “the role of the storehouse of feelings, love is assigned to the heart.” Received heart muscle information due to neural connections being “wires” between the heart and the brain, is recorded in it on a very a long period of time, often – until the death of a person … Is it worth, then, to be surprised at the fact that numerous cinematic monsters capturing the screens of our TVs, regardless of the degree of development of their “intelligence” and level invulnerability, kill their victims by tearing out the pumping “pump” blood – hearts? However, we must admit that they are dying often also from this … And for us, what is the use of this knowledge? ABOUT the magical properties of blood can be found in the books of Mirzakarim Norbekova, who is widely known for his super-efficient self-treatment techniques. The author often recalls that adaptation all internal processes occur through the blood, including emotions: the ability to work with positive information carried with blood flow, gives a person almost unlimited possibilities in restoring your health. Konstantin Gastev

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