The spiral in the sky above Austria is associated with the advent of aliens

The spiral in the sky over Austria associated with the appearance of aliensA photo from open sources

Mysterious celestial phenomena that seem mystical to us signs or natural miracles, or even the creation of fantastic alien technologies (to whom is closer), as historical chronicles have been going on for centuries. However, they are still being watched. people, and scientists, in spite of all our “advanced” science, practically can not explain anything.

Another celestial anomaly – amazing glowing in the sky well-recorded spiral over the hills of Austria unknown operator (see video below). Who or what “decorated” the sky, it is not clear. Here’s how to comment on this mysterious Internet users phenomenon:

Beautiful and very exciting, but very similar to a fake. True, you still want to believe in a miracle – and you believe after all!

I once saw in a dream how the sky was burning above me. Different colors and so beautiful that it was breathtaking. I do not know why, but this heavenly anomaly somehow reminded me of that marvelous sleep.

Or maybe it opens a portal to a parallel world?..

Thanks to the author of the video channel “riddles of the world HD”, which collected several similar celestial anomalies – with pleasure looked at them all, unfortunately, he himself never did anything like this saw.

There are many opinions, and it is noteworthy that most users Networks are positive about such phenomena. Apparently purely scientific a look at our world has long been sore on everyone. Really, well, how much can you say that outside our bodies a feeling nothing, but everything that seems wonderful and mysterious to us – the product of our imperfect brain. Or maybe imperfect herself our science, huh? ..

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