The spirit of the deceased military instilled in a 4-year-old of a boy

A photo from open sources

The mother of a four-year-old child claims to have infused her son the spirit of the late sergeant of the United States Marine Corps, who died in 1983 in Beirut during the bombardment of the barracks.

A photo from open sources

US Marine Corps Sergeant Val Lewis (Val Lewis), died in a barrack bombing on October 23, 1983 years in Beirut, Lebanon. For inexplicable reasons, his death remembers four-year-old Andrew from Virginia Beach, Virginia, reports WTKR. According to the boy’s mother, Michele Lucas, Andrew believes he died in the barracks on October 23rd.

“He remembers this day as the day of his death,” says Michelle – At some point, he begins to cry and hysterically screaming, and when I ask him what happened, he with tears on asks one and the same question: “Why did you let me die in that fire? ” He, like me, is very scared of these attacks. He is afraid of himself and scares me. ”

The woman says that her son also recalls events about which children of his age cannot know.

“I started asking him to find out about his memories and Andrew gave me very specific clues, telling me what used to be he lived in Sumter County, Georgia. I tried to hold own investigation, but I didn’t succeed before those until they helped me create the television show “Ghost Inside My Child”. FROM with their help we found photographs of marines killed in the explosion, and visited the grave of Sergeant Lewis in the state Georgia, ”Michelle said in an interview with a local television station.

After reviewing the pictures, Andrew correctly named the first and last names several soldiers, indicating that they were his friends.

The boy’s behavior in the cemetery surprised his family even more: he went to the grave of Sergeant Lewis and laid flowers at the monument, and then suddenly ran to the neighboring grave of a marine with the words: “This is my friend.”

Michelle hoped a trip to the cemetery would help her son get rid of strange memories, but, as it turned out later, meeting with “colleagues” worsened the situation.

“About two weeks ago on the wall of my room appeared emblem. Is there a ghost in my house? Is he in my child? I I don’t know, but I hope that they can answer my questions psychics. That will be my next step, ”she concluded.


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