The story of a puberty man in two years

The story of a man who survived puberty in two yearsA photo from open sources

In 1986, Patrick Burley from California put the rarest the diagnosis is testotoxicosis. Due to the high level of hormones, sexual the boy matured in only two years! A man who now 34, vaguely recalls that he walked with difficulty and spoke poorly in that time, however, his body, in fact, was already ready for sexual of life. Due to such an unusual state, Patrick’s childhood cannot be call happy and carefree.

Testotoxicosis in the boy was hereditary. Through this in his father, uncle, grandfather and even great-grandfather passed his time. All the fault mutation of the LHCGR gene, responsible for the production of testosterone in men. Such a child develops much faster than his peers. is he gets taller and stronger than them, his muscles and bones grow where more rapidly. However, hardly any of these boys are happy similar “advantage”.

According to Burley, he was not even three years old when body hair began to grow, like a teenager. On the face of steel acne appeared, and soon the boy’s voice broke. But worse all for him were constant trips to the doctors. Patrick is still with with a shudder recalls how doctors examined him weekly, carefully documenting everything. The boy felt miserable freak being experimented on.

By the age of 3, Burley looked at all 8, and the level He had testosterone, like a 15-year-old. Because of the hair on Patrick’s body was afraid to visit the pool, go into the locker rooms and general showers: those around looked at him with undisguised distrust. Try to imagine yourself a 7-year-old-looking boy with hairy armpits, legs, and even breasts. Because of this, all my childhood Patrick was constrained by discomfort and shame.

A photo from open sources

Interestingly, his great-grandfather left 14-year-old for the first world war, easily adding a few years, and grandfather in his 11 ran away from home and worked on cotton fields along with adults, and it never occurred to anyone that it was a child.

This mutation is extremely rare, but almost always inherited. Puberty can try to slow down with medication. As a child Burley ate a handful of pills daily and received injections, but this it hardly helped him.

A photo from open sources

After leaving school and an unsuccessful attempt to enter the military Academy Patrick’s life went into a calm direction. Leaving to study in Ireland, he met there a girl named Meredith and soon married on her. When it came time to think about the children, the man got scared: that if even a son is born to him, doomed to suffer all his childhood? However, despite concerns, in March 2015 the spouses a boy appeared and a genetic test showed that terrible the child does not have a hereditary mutation.

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