The story of a woman who sees ghosts

The story of a woman who sees ghostsA photo from open sources

Excerpt from the book of journalist Karina Machado “Where they live ghosts “(Where Spirits Dwell):

The child who plays in Megan McAuliffe’s apartment is not hers at all. He is not even among the living. A woman has the ability to attract ghosts that turned her life into a nightmare.

It’s three in the morning, all normal people are sleeping. I am sitting woke up on the edge of the sofa and listen with horror to the sounds that come from the room of the son. “This cannot be,” I say to myself, trying to dissolve in the dark and become completely invisible.

Sounds, by the way, are fearless. There was a knock on a baby drum. It seems that the little hands put the soldiers before the battle and rummaging in a box in search of a very necessary, but lost toys.

My son, three-year-old Jackson, is not in this room right now. And in the apartment has no other children. But I know that in the room there is a girl, and this leads me to despair.

I go back to my bedroom and turn on the light. The rest of the house immersed in darkness. Jackson sniffs peacefully in my bed where I shifted it a couple of hours ago. Watching him breathe evenly. Eyes tightly closed. The child feels that he is safe and nothing of what woke him in the nursery will come here.

Before that, I woke up five times from his scream. Nothing is all that remained was how to transfer him to his bed, even realizing that sleep will no longer succeed and the nimble Jackson will surely push out me out of bed. I sit next to my son and keep listening the sounds of children’s play, not daring to enter the room.

An hour and a half passed, and the sounds still did not subside. From the side of it, probably reminds a horror movie whose main character, woman with red eyes and a beating heart, scared to death something that she herself cannot explain. I do not want to see anything. Having gathered strength, I send an SMS to my ex-boyfriend (father Jackson), I describe everything that is happening, I write to him that I’m terribly scared. I need to talk to someone. He advises me to call neighbors.

I carefully wake my son. I say that his room seems to have wandered an animal, maybe a rat, and we need to leave the house. With a phone in hand and Jackson’s neck carefully open the bedroom door. Closing eyes, turn on the light and run out of the apartment, heading for the neighbor’s the door. It’s already five in the morning.

My neighbors – an elderly couple – kindly listen to me. They are worried and a little dumbfounded. Jackson is fed breakfast and pour me tea. The man says skeptically: “This does not happen, there’s no logical explanation. “With the first rays of the sun, a neighbor rises with us to our apartment. His first words: “Some kind of strange feeling.” Then he drives his nose and continues: “What a terrible stink here?” The atmosphere in the room is really an unpleasant, stagnant, moldy smell everywhere. I do not recognize my spacious favorite apartment.

Neighbors examined every corner, but nothing suspicious found. In a night symphony, they hastened to blame the birds, tinkering with by the window. I was grateful to them, but such an explanation did not at all arranged. I knew what I was talking about, and the sounds in the room fancy. I’ve already met a girl’s ghost, when I lived in Australia, in Petersham, a sweet suburb of Sydney. The baby even touched me. I will never forget those children hugs that hurt me physically.

Three years have passed. At 37, I had the feeling that I split into two parts. One half of me works hard (I website producer), raising a six year old son and trying to build relationship with a musician named Anthony. Second half already Twenty years trying to understand what happens to her at night. The main question is: why do I attract ghosts?

The first ghost came to me at the age of 17. I lived with my parents and two brothers in a Presbyterian condominium in the northwest Sydney. One night I woke up when someone opened the door and entered my room. Despite the deep night, everything is in the room It was seen as in the afternoon. It was not a dream. I felt the presence some kind of energy, something like a figure made up of dots, stood opposite me and sent a signal: “Leave, leave my rooms. ”

These events are preserved in my memory as a set of short episodes. Here I stand on the edge of the bed, and this creature wraps around me hands, trying to calm. I desperately resist. In a different I’m sitting at the head of the bed while a ghost strokes my hair as if saying “don’t be afraid.”

Journalist Karina Machado

A photo from open sources

I read everything that is written about the state of sleep paralysis, when people are terrified of falling asleep. I had something another. Each time before the visit, this “something” warned me sounds. They looked like clapping hands or the rustle of wings. In these I did not sleep for moments.

A ghost haunted me everywhere, no matter where I lived and with whom. For many years, the scenario has been the same. As soon as i I heard a characteristic noise, fear paralyzed my body. I tried to fight it, but the ghost didn’t care. He climbed up to me at bed. I felt his touch, felt his hug. I tried to drive him away, but he always returned.

He was not even embarrassed by the presence of other people in my bed. My a former friend with whom we lived together for more than three years often heard through a dream as I try to free myself from the ghost. One night he woke up with horror on his face. I told him: “What happened?” is he asked: “What does this creature that comes to you look like?” “Not I know, ”I answered. – I’m scared to look at him, but I feel his presence. “Then he said:” I saw him. He sat on my chest and said that I left you. ”

When I moved to the UK, a ghost followed me, disappearing only for a while while I was pregnant. He began to come again when Jackson was 18 months old. I endured his visits 15 years, and my strength was running out. It was time to end this. It is impossible to put up with the presence of a ghost in the apartment where he grows Small child. For Jackson, it was getting too dangerous.

I remember how I sat on the couch and thought: “How do I get from him get rid of? “The room was dark. I felt a ghost here again, that he is moving towards the room in which he was Jackson It was necessary to turn on the light. I quickly headed toward kitchens, trying to control themselves, when suddenly a sliding door to the nursery began to open and close by itself. It was not draft. All windows were tightly closed.

I invited a very famous and respected medium to cleaned my apartment. He immediately felt the presence of the old the spirit of the earth. It turns out I reminded the ghost of his daughters. is he possessed powerful male energy. “How could you fight him for so long? “the medium asked. My fear aroused in the ghost fatherly feelings. Recurring visits were caused by the fact that the spirit felt guilty before his daughters, whom he raped during his lifetime, and now wanted to forgive them. Medium knew how to lead ghosts to where they calmed down. That day I saw that spirit in last time.

A photo from open sources

But my problems did not end there. I returned to Australia and settled in Petersham, in a wonderful, spacious, bright apartment with high ceilings. She was in a luxurious mansion with a rich history. Once there lived the family of Mayor Petersham, Rollo Albert Cape

In 1885, Cape’s son, John Leslie, died in this house. Kid lived only 22 days. Following Victorian rules, the mother of the child does not gave vent to her emotions, but the walls of the house absorbed her grief. IN 1907 (22 years after the death of the child) Cape himself, too passed away here. I did not know all these details when inspected a new apartment. I remember, I thought to myself: “How is it here good, “- not suspecting that someone was watching me. And this someone lurked for six months before appearing outside.

Jackson was still very young, and we dozed with him in the afternoon. I remember how someone touched me. It seemed that a little girl wrapped her arms around my neck. Sensation was very unpleasant. Her hug seemed to me too heavy. She holding on to me pretty tightly, and it was annoying. “You must not be here. Leave immediately!” I shouted on her.

After that, the apartment became noisy. I hear that I knocked a door or something touched the table. It seemed like invisible hands move objects, making noise. I tried not to give it values. My boyfriend Anthony also began to notice these oddities. is he could come up and say: “You know, it seems to me, in the children’s room someone is playing. But Jackson has been sleeping for a long time. “And I answered him: “Okay, that’s all right.”

A photo from open sources

The fact that I ignored the problem only got worse. One evening I went shopping with Jackson and Anthony took a nap on the couch in our apartment. Before you go, he carefully set his bass against the wall in the living room. Woke him up the piercing sound of a vibrating string. Anthony rushed into the living room and found that the guitar is in the middle of the room, on one side, it’s dangerous swaying. A heavy guitar could not have stood that way without outside help, but there was no one else in the apartment.

That incident ruined our relationship. Anthony and I became move away. Soon he went to his ex-girlfriend, without any explanations. It was not like him at all.

About a year after the first appearance of the ghost girl started playing in Jackson’s room. I was ready to move again and even reported this to her realtor. He promised to figure it out, but all his new proposals did not suit me. I had to pick up patience and wait.

Jackson completely stopped being in his room. He ain’t nothing to me explained, but it was clear that he did not like it there.

Once, Anthony came to us. He stayed in the apartment of everything several hours. We sat and talked in the living room, suddenly in something terribly thundered in the bathroom. An antique mirror fell to the floor and shattered. For two years it stood quietly on the windowsill, and I didn’t even touch him. Now left him alone fragments.

I thought the spirit of the child did not like Anthony’s presence. His the visit upset the fragile balance. The ghost got used to me and to Jackson and protested against new people.

I had to call the medium again. This time a girl came to us, hippie-like. Anthony and I watched everything she did. She went into Jackson’s room. “There is a little girl,” she declared, sat in the corner and cried. “This is a very sad story,” – the girl said that the baby died from illness when she was three years. The girl became very attached to me and Jackson, accepting us for mom and brother. In the end, the medium took her from our at home.

Did my story end there? If…

Soon, I again began to feel the presence of a dark energy, this time much more dangerous than the spirit of the child. Through a few days after the medium removed the ghost from the house girls, Anthony and I felt a strong smell of urine. Heavy couples the stench lifted us out of bed. We turned the whole house upside down in search of a source of smell. He came from a small speck on carpet wet to the touch.

This was the last straw – in direct, figurative, whatever sense of the word. We began to take a crucifix to bed. Anthony hung it on his neck. I held tight in my hands. it I bought a crucifix in London – as a souvenir. Then I don’t assumed that I would associate with him the hope of salvation from ghosts. My strength was running out. I didn’t want to continue to fight the spirits of the earth. I am tired of their visits.

We left the apartment in Petersham in 2009. When is Anthony he returned the keys to the realtor (not the one who settled me in it) asked him a discouraging question: “Your ghost has not gone?” Anthony asked: “How do you know?” Realtor grunted: lose him there was already nothing, and he said that his brother was renting an apartment for the ghost of a girl came to his neighborhood and several times at night. This was proof that I was not crazy.

Now Anthony and Jackson and I live in a beautiful new building. “No more old houses,” was my main desire. But in We faced old problems in the new house. A week later after our housewarming, I woke up in the middle of the night with thirst. Went to the kitchen and heard the sounds of footsteps, from which my heart froze. “Top, top, top,” is in the living room. It can’t be, I thought. A few days later Anthony heard the same thing.

Two months ago, the toys in Jackson’s room began to make noise again. at night. Now the three of us are sleeping together in the same room and are afraid look into the nursery …

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