The strange death of the oldest baobabs in South Africa�

Zoological scientists are sounding the alarm, and there are good reasons for this:
South Africa began to die thousand-year-old baobabs, which are considered
most ancient trees of our planet. Just imagine that these
baobabs grew at a time when flourished and then collapsed
The great Roman Empire is a miracle of some kind of nature, not otherwise …

The fact is that baobabs are unpretentious and very hardy
trees, in their “vitality” they can give odds to many plants
of our planet, not to mention animals. These giants are not afraid
droughts, lightning strikes, they are even easily rehabilitated after
�”Deadly” raids of elephants who love to feast on their wet
and nutritious pith.

On the territory of South Africa grow the 13 most ancient baobabs,
whose age reaches two and a half millennia. By the way
note that these fantastic trees do not have growth rings,
like everyone else, so their scientists define their age quite differently –
just spend, as with ancient organic remains,
radiocarbon analysis.

And suddenly … alarming reports began to flow about the death of these
millennial giants of Africa. At first, the five oldest
baobabs (read more about these and other mysterious
trees of our planet by reference), and now it has become known that
other long-livers of South Africa gradually die. Environmentalists, realizing that
unique plants of our planet disappear, nothing can
do it, because the cause of such a catastrophe is not clear.

Here is what Sarah Venter says – Professor
University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg:

All signs that these ancient baobabs could not survive the drought
last years. However, such dry years were before, even on my
memory, not to mention the millennia – and nothing. As if to trees
some mysterious “epidemic” has crept in that we cannot
define so far – no trace. However, unique
baobabs die. And it’s hard to even imagine what they are for
millennia have not been subjected to something similar and have not developed
immunity. Strange, very strange …

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