The strongest boy on the planet

Five-year-old Giuliano Stroe from Romania became global celebrity after a series of videos appeared on YouTube with his tricks. This kid is incredibly strong, thanks to this he got to the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest child in the world. Such he achieved stunning results in just three years training sessions.

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Take your place of honor in the Guinness Book of Records for a boy managed in a rather unusual way – he walked in his arms with between the legs with a weighting ball more than 30 meters. In this case, the child overcame this distance with record speed. And the other day Giuliano set another record. While participating in one Italian television show, he was in front of numerous viewers could push out 20 times on your hands alone without leaning on your legs. That he almost doubled his previous record of 12 push ups. The baby is engaged in strength training under the guidance of his father Julian from the age of two. By the way, dad the boy (also that fan of “sipping iron”) took his little son with to the gym almost from birth. Naturally, many shocking the boy’s muscular body over the years. So that dad gets a lot of reproaches from compassionate critics who more likely to blame him for abusing his son than believe in the outstanding athletic abilities of the boy. Julian Stroe states that he trained hard on his own. all his life and therefore will never allow his child to do of this. “Giuliano is just a little kid and if he gets tired in training time, we’re going to play with him. “And finally, we want to offer you another video with baby Giuliano

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