The sun presented scientists with a new riddle – giant dark object

The sun presented scientists with a new riddle - a giant dark objectA photo from open sources

This time, the researchers were struck by the image of our luminary, obtained September 2 this year at the Solar Dynamics Observatory (NASA’s space observatory SDO) and then uploaded to Helioviewer (solar visualization tool snapshots). On it you can see the outgoing (as if peeping) because of the Sun, a giant dark shadow of a rectangular shape.

What is this anomaly? Some researchers have suggested that this port into another dimension, seeing on the right a lighter spot on this dark structure, which can well be associated with input / output. Moreover, the anomaly itself shakes its fantastic sizes – almost the sun. Skeptics reacted to This is more relaxed: this is a glitch of the camera.

A photo from open sources

It is possible if not for one “but”. Near the sun constantly appear, fly, do something (as if pumping energy) some mysterious, gigantic objects in size. Understand all this difficult, and attributing to camera sticks is too implausible. Similar “solar anomalies” have already become so familiar that many ordinary people don’t even read such news: it’s not interesting, though, if you think about it, it is from the sun that our life on The earth. After all, any of its changes are immediately reflected in the state Earth weather, volcanic activity and earthquakes, not to mention more serious consequences.

Today’s solar anomaly may well be a harbinger the next earthly cataclysms that we are already today got it …

Earthquake Sun

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