The sunken mystical disappeared from the bottom of the sea ships

Wrecks mystically disappeared from the bottom of the seaPhoto from open sources

The remains of three Dutch and three British warships, flooded during World War II in the Java Sea, mysteriously disappeared. This was reported by Jeanine Hennis-Plashert – Minister of Defense of the Netherlands. According to the politician, it’s about ships that sank in 1942 during the battle with Japan. Wreckage For a long time they were considered lost, until in 2002 they were accidentally noticed by civilian divers.

Now this ship graveyard mystically evaporated with the seabed. The loss was unexpectedly discovered by an international expedition recently set sail for the Java Sea to inspect the skeletons of ships. At the moment, experts are breaking heads, trying to find a scientific explanation for what happened. TO the investigation immediately connected the british, whose mysterious the disappearance of the debris discouraged, apparently, more the rest.

What happened to the sunken ships?

Some experts suspect that the ships could be illegally shipped for scrap. Unknown, of course, in theory could lift them from seventy-meter depth and sell them on metal debris, but this is hard to believe. The criminals would certainly attract attention, since such a rise could be carried out only during a large-scale operation with numerous floating cranes, barges and professional divers.

According to a more believable theory, the local Indonesian the population went down to the bottom for years and sawed off parts of sunken ships, while from the remains of the ships no trace was left. For this, for example, clamshell grapples could be used. Nonetheless, and such a hypothesis does not stand up to criticism, since it is known that scuba divers plunged here in 2014, and the wreckage all six ships were then still in place. Yes, and would anybody drag scrap a hundred kilometers to the nearest the coast? Obviously, this is financially irrational.

A photo from open sources

There are also experts who suggest that the skeletons ships could be moved along the bottom by the movement of tectonic plates and severe storms, although such “transportation” was required tsunamis of unprecedented intensity, which were not observed here. TO in seventy-four years, the skeletons of sunken ships must were filled with sand, becoming completely unbearable.

More daring assumptions about the causes of the disappearance of the remains ships

Ufologists believe that representatives can be guilty of everything extraterrestrial civilization for which rusty from the bottom of the sea ships would not be any difficulty. Aliens are known to show genuine interest in our wars and often visit places where bloody battles took place in due time. Perhaps for aliens the wreckage of warships appeared a kind of artifact – a symbol of aggressive human nature. Although why aliens were interested in precisely these fragments, it was in this sea and in the last two years? ..

Other researchers of supernatural phenomena suggest that the remains of the ships inexplicably moved to parallel measurement. If such movements periodically occur with people, cars and even buildings why they can’t happen to sunken ships? And this version seems the most believable …


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