The tallest man and the smallest woman in the world finally met

The tallest man and the smallest woman in the world have finally met.A photo from open sources

The authorities of Egypt in order to attract tourists have arranged a unique meeting the tallest man in the world Sultan Kosen – Turkey) and the smallest woman Jyoti Amge – India). The meeting took place near the famous Egyptian pyramids, joint photo shoot of “Gulliver” and “midget” is simply amazing imagination.

A photo from open sources

Note that the 35-year-old Sultan Quesen has tremendous growth in 251 centimeters and the largest hands in the world, and the 24-year-old Joti Amji was able to grow just 62 centimeters. And if the first suffering from pituitary gigantism, the second since childhood susceptible to a disease such as achondroplasia, and therefore at age 18 adulthood weighed only five kilograms. Difference in height of these two unique people is 189 centimeters, but the numbers are neither which is compared to photographs that clearly show how different is this tall man from this little women. By the way, both of them got into the Guinness Book of Records – in 2011 year.

A photo from open sources

Sultan Quesen, because of his enormous growth, can only work farmer, but the small stature of Jyoti Amji is widely in demand in Bollywood, on television (reality show Bigg Boss, TV series American Horror Story) in various commercials and etc.

A photo from open sources

Pay attention to the pictures, which are easily noticeable as the photographer is trying to emphasize the difference in height of these two unique of our world, so that we do not just see, but truly feel her. That woman-midget only reaches the knee of her huge photo shoot partner, then she’s practically with his shoes, then an ordinary iPhone in her hand seems like a solid tablet. Like these ones wonders!


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