The teen has teleported or been abducted aliens?

Was the teenager teleported or abducted by aliens?A photo from open sources

An incredible incident occurred in the Paraguayan city of Hernandarias, which resonated first throughout the country, and then throughout ufological community.

On the evening of May 22, a 13-year-old boy (the names of the participants in this extraordinary events are not intentionally called) went to to relatives who lived across the street about fifty meters, and hesitated near the gate. His 25-year-old cousin, hearing that someone cannot handle the entrance the door in the fence, came to the rescue, but, opening the gate, nobody had seen.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

The teenager himself only remembers that at some point, while fiddling with the gate, a bright flash broke out, and then he turned on taxi rank a few blocks from where where just been. As a boy “flew” here, neither he nor anyone another cannot say.

Strange teleportation

It can be assumed that the teenager is just spontaneous teleported that in our world is not so rare, according at least, such miracles happen. But the catch is that the boy for a while (at least fifteen minutes) generally fell out of our space. He soon realized parents, since the boy was supposed to return home right away, and since the teenager also did not answer all this time phone calls, then the house began to panic. However through for some time they managed to contact the child through the mortuary, parents immediately went to the taxi rank, took their son and drove him to the hospital (after his fantastic story they worried about the physical and mental state of the teenager).

However, doctors did not reveal any flaws in the health of the child, all the tests were excellent, and the psychiatrist did not find the boy in the behavior no deviations. However, the local police commissar Diego Weisinger had to investigate this fantastic events. Ufologists immediately joined this business, for example, researchers Marcelo Martinic and Luis Burgos from Argentine UFO center who contacted the commissioner and questioned in detail him about the incident. They are sure that this is not teleportation. Because the the boy was not in our world for several minutes, most likely, he was aliens abducted this time. It’s not clear why they are returned the child to the wrong place from where they “took”?

There is another opinion on this subject: perhaps a teenager “failed” in a parallel world, from where it was “pushed out” by erasing memory. The fact is that aliens most often leave some kind of traces (on the body, in the human psyche), but here – nothing. Maybe, something like a procedure like “memories under hypnosis, “but Commissioner Diego Weisinger says Ufologists could not.

Teleportation Time

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