The terrible and inexplicable death of Eliza Lam

The terrible and inexplicable death of Eliza LamPhotos from open sources of

In early 2013, America (and the whole world, perhaps, too) the story of Eliza shook and shocked and wrapped in a veil of mysticism Lam is a twenty-year-old Canadian of Chinese descent. Twenty On January 6, the girl arrived in the USA and stayed in a cheap Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Home student is no longer returned, and none of her relatives expected so fast and the inexplicable completion of a young life.

Eliza was the most exemplary daughter: she called every day parents to Canada, telling their father and mother about their spending time in America. However, soon after settling girls at Cecil her calls to her homeland suddenly stopped. On January 31, Lam was last seen. It is in this Eliza’s day should have been discharged from the hotel, but this didn’t. The girl visited the nearest bookstore where she bought relatives gifts, returned to the hotel, took the elevator (it was recorded in the cabin by a surveillance camera) and … disappeared without any trace.

Elisa Lam’s Corpse Detection

Some time after the mysterious disappearance of Canada lodgers “Cecil” began to complain about the quality of the administration water at the hotel. The liquid in the taps became cloudy, near the water an unpleasant odor and a bitter taste appeared. Nineteenth February, hotel staff climbed to the roof, where it was located high-rise water supply system, and found in one of the tightly closed Elisa’s naked body, which the police have been looking for two weeks and parents who came to Los Angeles. Clothes and some personal Lam’s stuff was floating in the tank with her.

A photo from open sources

The girl’s green and swollen corpse, more than two weeks poisoned drinking water in the hotel with decomposition products, removed from the tank and handed over to forensic experts. Examination results with bated breath not only grieving relatives and friends expected girls, also millions of observers all over the planet. Incident actively covered by both American and foreign journalists.

Pathologists took four months to compile full autopsy report. When the doctors gave him to the police, law enforcement officers were surprised to read that Eliza … drowned herself by oneself. No traces of violence were found on her body, in including sexual. Experts did not find the girl’s blood alcohol, drugs or medicines. All the details indicated that the unfortunate drowned without any help.

But who, then, is the Lam section? How did she get up to the closed roof and climb into the clogged tank without stairs and any tools? Who closed the tank behind her and again it clogged up? The police could not ignore these inconsistencies, therefore continued the investigation. However, the detectives of the Investigation Department kills considered the most competent and prestigious Criminal Investigation Division, did not achieve the expected from results, and the case was still closed under the bar “suicide”.

Riddles surrounding the death of a girl

First, Eliza was settled with another guest. However, that soon complained about the “some strange behavior” of the girl, and the student was moved to a separate room. It is still unknown what the canadian so prevented its neighbor.

When Eliza disappeared, the police examined the entire hotel (except busy rooms) with dogs. Law enforcement officers and their four-legged assistants even climbed to the roof a couple of times, but the bloodhounds for some reason they could not smell the girl’s footprints.

Inexplicable elevator entry

The detective’s attention was drawn to the recording made in Canadian disappearance day with an elevator surveillance camera. That captured on a four-minute video, it looks truly surreal and frightening.

In the video below you can see how Eliza enters into the elevator car on the last, fifteenth floor and starts by queues to press various buttons on the control panel. Girl lived in a room on the fourth floor, so she, in theory, needed press just one key. The elevator door is for some reason not closes, although he was supposed to deliver Lam to that floor, the button which she pressed last.

The student looks confused and scared. She is fast sticks his head out of the elevator and looks around, then suddenly hiding in the corner of the cabin, as if he didn’t want anyone to notice her. For some reason, the elevator is still open. Seconds later, the girl peeks out of the elevator again, then cautiously leaves it, does a sharp step back and again protrudes into the hotel corridor. Noticeably that she raises her hands above her head.

Next, the girl returns to the elevator again, presses a lot again buttons, then again goes out into the corridor, leans a little and begins to make strange movements with his hands. A few times Eliza It is out of camera visibility. The lift is still closes, but Lam stays outside. It takes a little time, and the door opens and closes several times by itself, when nobody is nearby, including the future deceased. Thereafter neither the people nor surveillance cameras.

Experts first and foremost thought that the girl was in intoxicated. Toxicological however analysis, as mentioned above, showed that no effect on Canada did not accept substances. What caused this strange behavior?

Someone believes that Eliza tried unsuccessfully to hide from pursuer, and then began to explain something to him with gestures. Paranormal researchers put forward the theory that the pursuer could be invisible to others, including to recording device in the elevator.

Creepy hotel

By the way, the Cecil Hotel, built in the twenties of the past centuries, is considered a very unkind place.

Previously, rape, murder and suicides. Famous serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger repeatedly stayed at this hotel. In 1947 at the hotel mysteriously killed and dismembered Elizabeth Short, and this the crime also remained unsolved. In 1962, from the window the hotel jumped out a woman and landed on a pedestrian, thereby taking him with you to the next world. And two years later in one of the rooms were raped and beheaded by two elderly sisters.

A photo from open sources

And such terrible incidents count in the tens. The management of Cecil rebranded several times and changed the name of the hotel, however things like it’s easy to guess forgotten with difficulty. For example, in 2014 a hotel, with the aim of smooth out a gloomy reputation, renamed to “STAY ONE MAIN”, but most people have not ceased to bypass it.

Suicide of Eliza Lam?

Many paparazzi who have conducted their investigations claim that the los angeles police decided to “shrug off” a strange case and quickly called Eliza Lam a suicide, although no reason it wasn’t.

A photo from open sources

Why did a girl need to lay hands on herself climb onto the roof, open a relatively shallow tank with water, besides well corked, to expose, to throw down things, then jump in there myself? Any heart specialist will tell you that the psychology of female suicide is significantly different from psychology of men. The fairer sex is always important so that their found body looks good, and a greened naked corpse with a swollen belly, this picture clearly does not fit. Besides Moreover, the girl took certain medications, an overdose which could send her to the forefathers incomparably easier. Why didn’t she just get poisoned? And finally, who closed the tank behind her water and clogged it again? ..

The killing of Eliza Lam?

One American journalist with access to the full recording from the elevator, claims that law enforcement officers mounted a video before providing it to the media information and internet users. This is indicated by “ragged” footage and blurred timecode below. According to the reporter, the police cut out several fragments from the record, on which you can catch a glimpse the other person is a man who was with Eliza, however, whose face did not hit the lens of the elevator camera. A strange the student’s behavior here is supposedly flirting with the gentleman.

In addition, pathologists determined that Lam could die before it hit the roof tank. For example, her lungs were not filled with water. That is, the alleged killer could first kill your victim in some other way and then just throw (hide) the body into the tank.

Honestly, details indicating a possible murder, there is a wagon and a small trolley. However, American the police apparently failed to identify the killer, but did not they wanted to acknowledge their incompetence and blamed it all the victim – they say, she killed herself.

The mystical death of Eliza Lam

However, there are many people who see in this story obvious mystical background. Enthusiasts repeatedly went around everything entrances and exits to the hotel, visited each main and fire stairs and finally came to the conclusion that the young Canadian … just teleported to the tank.

Lam couldn’t get in the hallway on the fifteenth floor to the roof without being noticed by the hotel staff. For this she needed to go down and climb up the side building the stairs. However, police officers repeatedly interviewed by the police and other guests of “Cecil” claimed that they had not seen at that time days a girl. Yes, and the entrance to the roof was closed on electronic a castle that Eliza could not get around.

A photo from open sources

Even more interesting is this. Shortly before her disappearance girl I took a selfie in the hotel’s toilet near the mirror. Detectives who found the deceased’s smartphone in the hotel, studied the memory of the gadget and unexpectedly stumbled upon this “crossbow”. Unknown how image leaked to the world wide web but it instantly attracted the attention of researchers of the supernatural.

Despite the fact that in this picture Eliza Lam’s face is partially blocked by the phone, it is clearly visible that it has some kind non-human gray color, and its features are very curved. As if it’s not the girl standing near the mirror, but something completely different …

Water Time Mirrors

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