The three-year-old Briton added to the list of the smartest people of the world

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Three-year-old Briton Sherwin Sharabi from Barnsley’s the county of South Yorkshire replenished the list of international “society geniuses “Mensa, uniting the smartest people in the world. About this reports Sky News. This boy showed 136 points, passing the test for intelligence (IQ), despite the fact that the average the indicator for an adult is 100 points and 130 for especially gifted people. Sherwin started talking at 10 months, at 20 already He knew how to express himself with complex sentences, and now he knows how to count to 200, can name any state on the map and show its flag. “He is surprisingly erudite, knows literally everything,” says mother of the child 36-year-old Amanda Sharabi, a former teacher. – Is he It’s not watching children’s programs, but news releases. I myself never made him learn something. He comes up and asks. ” Such a high level of intelligence at such a young age is found very rarely. So, in the UK there are about 22 thousand members of Mensa, and only about 100 of them are under 10 years old, notes ITAR-TASS. However, before the prodigy record-holders, Sherwin Sharabi did not reached out. So, in the summer of 2011, the three-year-old Saffron Pleger is a daughter eight-time winner of the British TV quiz – passed the IQ test by 140 points. But this is far from the limit for young intellectuals: in 2009 at Mensa hosted by Elise Tan Roberts from London – IQ babies was 156 points when she was only two years and four months old. In total, Mensa unites more than 110 thousand people from about 100 countries. The largest representative office is located in the USA. – more than 56 thousand members. Great Britain is in second place.

Great Britain

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