The tourist is gone – his shoes are left

The tourist is gone - his shoes are leftPhotos from open sources of

In Yellowstone National Park, another mysterious incident, the report of which was published only on a few days ago, although the incident itself happened in early July.

Colin Scott and his sister Sable walked that summer day park admiring the geysers. Why did it occur to them to swim in hot thermal springs are not clear. Most likely how investigators found out, young people just decided to star in extreme conditions – another dangerous selfie.

They came off a special wood flooring arranged for tourists, and went down to the hot spring. It happened in Norris geyser pool, where, it should be noted, almost at every warning signs what to do (step off the floor) by no means impossible.

So, my sister filmed what is happening on a smartphone, and Colin is time approached the geyser in order to try with his hand how hot water and is it possible to swim in this source. According to Sable, her brother just accidentally slipped and fell into boiling water. She called on help, but the arriving rescuers stated that Scott was already dead. They did not have time to pull out the body of the deceased young man because of thunderstorm.

But the next day, the body of Colin Scott simply was not found though his shoes and even his wallet were floating in hot water geyser. Laurent Veress, Deputy Team Leader rangers, told the press that the unfortunate body is completely dissolved in water (more than a hundred degrees Celsius) with a high the concentration of acid in it. However, it remains unclear why in In this case, the shoes and wallet of the deceased remained untouched?

Neither experts nor the state police have an answer to this question. Wyoming, but all this is strange, as is the mysterious terrain itself near the super volcano Yellowstone. Here they see flying UFOs, then above fantastic fireballs erupt at night with geysers, not to mention that people here disappear constantly. As specified reporters, since 1980 alone, more than twenty have died in the park man, and almost all under strange circumstances. About the missing statistics are silent, however, authorities are always silent about this, be then a supervolcano that is about to explode, or the most ordinary farmhouse, from where tenants suddenly start to disappear.


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