The triumphal procession of industrial robots

�”International Federation of Robotics” has published regular
data relating to automation and robotization of production
enterprises in the most developed countries of the world. Currently
(excluding the current year, which, for certain, will demonstrate
higher rates) by 10 thousand employed in these industries
there are 74 robots, while a year ago this figure
was only 66 units.

And America demonstrates 84 robots for 10 thousand workers,
Europe – 99, Asia – 63. However, the highest figure in this
The plan in the Asian country, namely in South Korea – 631 robots. A little bit
Asian Singapore, 488, is lagging behind it, and here
automation is involved in the electronics industry (more than 90

By the way, Japan, which ranks first in the world for
the production of industrial robots itself has only 300 units per 10
thousands of workers employed in the industrial field.

The most interesting in this regard is China, which cannot yet
especially boast of robotization, however has the highest rates
growth in this direction, and therefore in the coming years, plans
get ahead on this indicator many advanced countries. By the way, we
already wrote that in the PRC (unlike in Europe and Russia), the pension
age, on the contrary, they want to reduce to 50-55 years (respectively, for
women and men). And all this, as the Chinese government assures
of the People’s Republic, will be done primarily by
robotization of the most labor-intensive industrial processes, which is why
economic performance in the country due to democratic retirement
reforms will not suffer in any way. Add to this that in the Middle Kingdom
plan to soon introduce another 4-day working week and
raise the wage rate that is not taxed,
so that robotization here today devote the most intent
attention is the most promising path of the true
democracy …

Pay attention to the list of the most developed countries in the world by
robotization, there is no Russia in it, so instead of
robots use … retirees, thereby increasing age, with
whom they can go on deserved rest.

Russia in terms of robotization is somewhere at the level of India,
an indicator of which only 3 robots for 10 thousand workers employed in

However, analysts call state-of-the-art
automation of the most difficult industries – a triumphal procession
industrial robots. No matter what, in almost all
countries of the world are experiencing growth rates in this direction, in
including in the Russian Federation …

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