The trumpet sounds over New York are extremely puzzled of Americans

The trumpet sounds over New York are extremely puzzling AmericansA photo from open sources About trumpet sounds coming from the sky, and without a visible source, recently they write and speak quite often. Moreover, such information comes from different points of our the planet. Recently, residents of something similar became witnesses New York.

On the video you can not so much see something (for the source sound in this case, as in many other similar ones, is not determined) how much to listen to something like a strange growl, which repeats and repeats. Here is how the author comments on them. video clip:

I listen to these trumpet sounds now A couple of minutes. It feels like flying over your head the plane, and the sound for the aircraft is strange, but the worst thing is there is no airplane in the sky.

Internet users, having listened to such videos, received from New Yorkers (and not only) and scattered now on social networks and many news resources, as always, divided into those who are scared and foreshadows the approach of the Apocalypse, and those who looks at all this ominously ironically.

The former, for example, immediately recall that such trumpet sounds with heaven can be heard all over the world, and therefore it can be assumed that war broke out between earthlings and aliens. Or simply invisible war at the level of ultramodern technologies, about which we you don’t even guess, for example, in space between Russia and America.

Skeptics shift their gaze from heaven to earth, claiming that it just seems like the sound is coming from above, but in fact it comes from under the ground. But what the US authorities are digging there is, they say, another question. In any case, presumably, not a bright city future for ordinary Americans, and some other CERN, and worse than that …

We’ll clarify that CERN is a nuclear research organization, which is located in Europe and which has long become a byword, when the conversation begins about a world conspiracy, the Illuminati, secret developments against humanity and the like. Of course, to link the activities of such a “diabolical organization” with strange sounds are very simple, which is what the supporters of the theory do conspiracy …

War Aircraft

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