The twins “fight” in the womb on awesome video

Twins A photo from open sources

In one of the maternity hospitals in Yinchuan, China doctors got an unusual video by doing an ultrasound scan twin daughters of the future mother in childbirth. Freaky shots demonstrate how unborn sisters hit each other cams in the womb.

Parents, of course, upon learning of this, expressed concern about the health of their children, however, doctors assured them that, despite on such a “fight”, there is nothing to fear. Last week the couple really born healthy twins.

Making sure their babies are fine, spouses posted the video below on the World Wide Web, where he immediately became “viral”, circling many entertainment sites. Quite a few regulars of virtual space concluded that these frames are another evidence of human militancy nature. According to other commentators, the girls did it unconsciously and reflexively, and nothing surprising and even more so there is no big deal.

But what’s interesting, the doctors themselves specify that the twins are already a rarity, although not great, but that they “fought” in the womb mothers are almost a unique case. Not the only one in the world, but still surprising, especially since not every parent talk about it all over the Internet, and even with the show video…

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