The Unsolved Mystery of Codex Seraphini

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On the one hand, many scholars believe that the Code of Serafini should not be taken seriously at all, and therefore it’s not worth racking your brains over this riddle, and on the other – this riddle captivates and carries away, because, as some researchers believe this amazing labor, before us is really an encyclopedia of the world, and unknown to us.

In practice, it can be a parallel door reality, where we strive so much: if you don’t get, then at least would have a peek. Look, of course, not only for the sake of curiosity, but also to understand our world, quite complex and mysterious, which sometimes seems like a heap of the same obscure characters and pictures, which we observe in the Code of Seraphini.

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Codex Seraphinianus at first glance may seem very an old book, however it was written by the Italian artist Luigi Serafini in the seventies of the last century. The book is full of obscure characters, cryptic illustrations and written in some fantastic language. The author himself claimed in his time (although all this information is very mean and contradictory) that his book from eleven chapters – nothing more than fiction, a kind of invention of language and still unknown alphabet. And at the same time, the Italian emphasized: everyone, Faced with his encyclopedia, I must certainly experience what does the child feel when opening an adult book and understanding in this the moment that his parents, for example, read it easily and for them in it there are no secrets.

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Persistent researchers of the Codex Serafini, however, determined that the artist was inspired to write his mysterious book the story of Jorge Luis Borges “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” from the cycle speculative fiction. However, such a discovery is nothing even account did not give scientists, since the very work of the Argentine the writer is covered in a certain secret, as if Borges also scooped your inspiration and your amazing knowledge from parallel of the world.

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Therefore, it is generally accepted that Codex Seraphinianus is an encyclopedia of something purely fictional, born in a sore head to an Italian artist. Nonetheless, this fantastic manuscript is recognized by many linguists and independent researchers, it’s worth it to continue to study it, moreover, it strikes first of all with its comparative the novelty and at the same time the depth of some historical oblivion.

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