The unsolved phenomenon of Rosa Kuleshov

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In the early 70s, the term “dermal” appeared in the everyday life of scientists sight. “He appeared thanks to Rosa Kuleshova, who knew how “see” with your hands. Rosa Alekseevna Kuleshova was born in 1940 in Sverdlovsk region. After graduating from grade 7, I went to work as a nurse in the hospital of Nizhny Tagil. In 1960, graduating from courses amateur performances, went to work in society the blind leader of the drama circle. Seeing the blind use Braille, decided to master the technique of blind reading. In two weeks she had already read books for the blind. Once tried “read” the plain text with your fingers – and read it! In 1962, Rosa got to the hospital, where she began to entertain her roommates “focus”. Those told the doctor. The doctor called Kuleshov to his place study and asked to show him the “trick”, which was already gossiping about hospital. To exclude peeping, the opened book was put in pillowcase. Kuleshova put her hand in and read a whole page, with hardly pronouncing medical terms incomprehensible to her (the book turned out to be medical reference book). Photos from open sources

Soon, an article appeared in a local newspaper about Rosa. interested in the staff of the Department of Psychology N-Tagil Pedagogical Institute. It turned out that Kuleshov can “read” not only fingers, but also with the elbow and even the toes. She “read” the page, sealed in an envelope, from a dense bag took out scraps of colored threads, previously calling her color. At a distance of 2-3 meters with blindfolded recognized objects. They wrote a lot about Kuleshov, and not always good. They tried to catch her all the time on a scam. Newspaper articles of venerable scholars and professional illusionists. Rosa was very upset accusations, but still continued to travel by invitation to all sorts of institutions where it demonstrated its gift, and some enthusiastic researchers tried to find a scientific explanation for her abilities. Kuleshova herself described the process of “vision” unpretentiously: “I see everything”, without seeing anything special in it. Subsequently rose worked at a school for blind children, where she tried to educate the blind guys to their method of vision. Sasha achieved the greatest success Nikiforov, who recognized objects at a distance, walked without a dog and a guide. Kuleshov died in 1978 from a brain hemorrhage. Despite the hype, big science ignored the “phenomenon Kuleshovoy. “Soviet science of the 70s was not yet ready to admit supernatural powers of man. Person with unique abilities turned out to be unclaimed, his abilities – unexplored.

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