The unsolved secrets of Mount Kailash

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1. The secrets of Mount Kailash are not left in peace and do not give a single clue. So is the mountain itself, which seems to be specially located in an inaccessible area Western Tibet, its secrets are inaccessible to understanding. Height The mysterious mountain is 6666 meters. She is the concentration of the four main rivers of India, Tibet and Nepal: Indus, Karnali, Sutledge, Brahmaputra.

2. The second “water” secret mountain Kailash are two lakes – Rakshas Tal and Manasarovar. They are located nearby, and separated by only a thin isthmus of the mountains.

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Waters of Manasarovar (translated – a lake of living and clean water) fresh. Tibetans worship this lake located at 4560 above sea level, as sacred. From it you can take water for drinking and swim. Interesting, but in any weather Manasarovar remains calm, keeping calm.

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The waters of Rakshas Tal (dead lake or Demon lake) are salty. Lake constantly storms, regardless of weather conditions. Even touch the water of a dead lake is forbidden, not to mention bathe.

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3. The third secret of Mount Kailash – rapid aging those who are near her. By how fast they grow hair and nails suggest that 12 hours spent near Kailash, equal to two weeks spent in regular conditions.

4. The mountain is capable of inconceivably changing target settings, thereby preventing anyone from admitting to themselves. Those who getting too close to her, and those who intend to climb its top, suddenly get set to go in the opposite direction. Despite numerous attempts, not one the climber failed to conquer the top of Mount Kailash.

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5. Interesting geographical location mysterious mountains relative to Easter Island, which is located opposite Kailash, only on the opposite side of the globe. Easter Island, as you know, is famous for its many unsolved mysteries: gigantic stone idols and wooden planks.

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6. The sixth secret of Mount Kailash is a drawing that form two ridges breaking it. In the evening, a shadow cast off by ledges of a rock, draws a huge image of a swastika.

7. Scientists who study the mountains and her secrets, and those who could personally see Kailash, as one claim that it has a pyramidal shape. Moreover, the mountain, like everyone famous pyramids, strictly oriented around Sveta.

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8. Many researchers are confident that at the foot and at the middle level the mountain has voids. it the assumption gives reason to believe: Kailash is not natural education erected for an unknown purpose is unknown by whom.

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9. Another incomprehensible secret of Mount Kailash is its geographical position relative to other ancient monuments and poles of the Earth. For some reason incomprehensible to us (hardly likely by accident) Stonehenge monument removed 6666 kilometers from the mountain. Same distance from cliff to the north pole – 6666 kilometers, and to the south pole the distance is doubled exactly.

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10. But the most “mysterious” secret Kailash is an adjacent Nandu sarcophagus. Having drawn a number research, scientists have established the presence of cavities inside sarcophagus.

Ancient Chinese legends say that the sarcophagus serves a refuge in which in a state of deep meditation (somati) there are all the great teachers: Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Zarathustra and the other sages sent to the world throughout it existence. The purpose of their centuries-old stay is to preserve and restoration of the gene pool of mankind in case of death civilization.

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