The value of the amulet overpower-grass

Overcome-grass is a powerful amulet known in Ancient Rus as a powerful defender against damage, evil eye and disease. According to legend, he has a connection with the forces of nature, from where he draws energy. It is believed that initially the 'magic flower' was created exclusively for women, but sometimes the talisman is allowed to be worn by men. Overcome Grass Overcome-grass is a white water lily, which has been used since ancient times in Russia to heal people from various ailments

The origin of the amulet

Overcome-grass is not just a protective symbol. According to old Slavic legends, this is a medicinal plant with special healing properties. Perhaps that is why this representative of the flora has become a kind of matrix for the amulet.

Odolen-grass is a white water lily that has been used since ancient times in Russia to heal people from various ailments. And also with its help they drove out evil spirits, which were directed by people with an unkind eye.

Not only the Slavs are familiar with this herb, it is mentioned in the myths and legends of the Greeks, Italians, and Danes.

  • According to one of the legends, the herb-overpower is a nymph who was rejected by Hercules. With her grief, she was unable to cope and drowned herself, after which she turned into a snow-white flower.
  • The second story tells that these water lilies were once inhabited by little elves.
  • The third legend tells of the flower as the bait that the monster used to attract young girls to the swamp.
  • The pagans believe that the grass-overwhelm is a mermaid that was turned into a beautiful flower. They say that with the arrival of darkness, the buds hide under water, where they again take the form of beauties with fish tails.

The overpower-herb amulet not only heals diseases and protects from the evil eye. He is considered a reliable protector for those who go on a long journey, and helps girls to attract the desired man. But this plant is far from being given to everyone. The people say that it itself determines who needs help, while others simply do not catch the eye.

According to scientists, overcoming grass is not one specific plant, but a collective image from the group of medicinal herbs. Among them are St. John's wort, spurge, swimsuit, timothy.

The value of the amulet overpower-grass

Overcome-grass is made in the form of a double rotor. This is a solar symbol with runes and tongues of flame that are located around the circumference of the sacred ornament. The amulet personifies the Sun. The amulet is often made of metal or wood.

The main purpose is the treatment of diseases, but it is not the only one. Its action extends to other areas:

  • helps a person to cope with troubles;
  • clears the mind, expels bad thoughts, as a result of which the bearer of the amulet gets rid of negative attitudes, blocks;
  • protects from evil spirits, the intrigues of evil spirits, damage, the evil eye;
  • in times of failure, gives a person strength, gives endurance, strengthens the spirit.

At the same time, the value of the amulet can change depending on where exactly it is depicted:

  • a sign on dishes and kitchen utensils protected the owners from poisoning;
  • being on a weapon, the amulet provided support in the battle and protected its owner from death and injury;
  • he was hung on the front door to hide from evil witchcraft: evil eye, damage, love spell;
  • they covered the baby's cradle to protect him from the dark forces.

For women

Since the main property of the amulet is protection from various ailments, it was mainly worn by women. This is due to the fact that the fair sex was more often exposed to diseases that jeopardized the possibility of motherhood.

Amulet overpower-grass Since the main property of the amulet is protection from various ailments, it was mainly worn by women

However, even women did not wear the iconic symbol on their clothes. It was customary to embroider it on curtains, bed linen. At the same time, girls always supplemented the drawing with a rosebud, women in adulthood – with a blossoming flower. The overpowering grass was not abused: the protective ornament was used only in the most difficult periods of life.

For men

The female amulet has a pair – the color of a fern. It is a masculine symbol, which is a mirror image of the overcoming grass. The meaning of these two amulets is completely the same.

In ancient times, married couples often used such amulets. The dress-grass and the fern color, being nearby, provided the family with reliable protection from various troubles.

Features of wearing a mascot

Overcome-grass refers to those few amulets that are not recommended to be constantly worn on the body. They say that he attracts evil spirits, and therefore is able to expose a person to serious danger. The symbol can be applied to curtains, kitchen utensils, walls of houses, fences, gates, as well as furniture.

In the form of rings and pendants, overpower-grass is used extremely rarely and only in exceptional cases, for example, when a person is dying. In this situation, the amulet helps to reduce the suffering of a seriously ill person, and takes death away from him. And also the amulet is embroidered on clothes if the family is in serious danger. Sometimes the body symbol was used by people prone to the evil eye, or by someone who had already become a victim of black magic.

Overcome Grass Ring In the form of rings and pendants, overpower-grass is used extremely rarely and only in exceptional cases, for example, when a person is dying

But even in such situations, the overpower-grass should not be in contact with the human body for a long time. As soon as the talisman fulfills its function, it must be removed immediately and hidden in a secluded place.

Expert opinion Svetlana Kravchenko Esoteric Mages and sorcerers wore the overpower-herb amulet almost constantly, despite the prohibitions. With his help, their strength and abilities increased several times.

Activating the talisman

It is believed that the strongest amulet is the one that was made by hand. In the process of manufacturing, a thing is saturated with human energy, absorbs the thoughts and hopes of its owner. If you want to additionally charge it, you need to read a prayer, and it is not necessary that it be a specific conspiracy composed of certain phrases. The main thing is that the words come from the soul.

Activation will require a charm that you purchased ready-made. And the power of the four elements will help in this.

  1. On a sunny day (this is a prerequisite) go to the countryside, preferably to the forest.
  2. Find an open clearing. It's good if there is a pond next to it.
  3. Put the amulet on any elevation so that it is under the rays of the sun.
  4. Sincerely ask the higher powers to endow the talisman with lively energy and the ability to protect you and your loved ones in difficult situations.

As a result, the grass overpower will absorb the power of the air, water, earth and sun.

If you do not have the opportunity to activate the amulet in the above-described way, then you can leave it for a while on the windowsill, but always in direct sunlight. After a while, rinse it with clean water.

Overcome Grass Tattoo

Esotericists to this day are convinced that it is unsafe to apply the overpower-grass amulet on your body in the form of a permanent tattoo. A powerful symbol in this case can seriously harm.

If there is an urgent need, then you can resort to applying a temporary tattoo or make an image on the body using henna. In this case, the symbol must be hidden from prying eyes, otherwise it will start working in the opposite direction.

The overpower-grass tattoo will help ward off the disease, save a person from the effects of black magic, will not allow ill-wishers into the house and will hide the family from everything bad.

At the same time, being on the body only temporarily, it will preserve both the mental and physical health of its wearer.

Making a talisman with your own hands

The basis for the amulet can be a cut of natural fabric, on which embroidery is done. The second option is to draw, burn, or cut out the sacred symbol on a round, polished wooden saw cut. And the easiest way is to print it on paper and take it with you on special occasions.

You do not need to constantly carry a talisman with you. He is left in the car, in a bag, or in a pocket only for a while, until the threat is over.

Another option is to make a reeled doll. In this case, the overpower-grass amulet can be attached with a thread in the form of an ornament. You can attach a belt with a sacred symbol to the doll, or wear a pendant. The thread on which the talisman will be attached must be green (a symbol of healing, fertility) or red (a symbol of the sun and life).

Motanka doll Such a talisman can protect your home and all family members from various misfortunes.

The amulet is also embroidered on the apron of the reeled doll. It also uses red and green threads. You can take a green fabric as the basis of an apron and make a red pattern on it. To enhance the properties of the amulet, dried medicinal herbs and decorative flowers are attached to the doll.

Remember that a motanka doll must have long hair braided in a braid. At the same time, her facial features do not lead her. Such a talisman can protect your home and all family members from various misfortunes. And since such a doll does not have a face, an evil spirit cannot enter it.

Having taken on this form, the overpower-grass amulet will become a reliable protector and ward off serious illnesses from a person. Do not forget to broadcast only good positive energy when making it, so the talisman will be saturated with it and will be able to clearly understand what exactly is required of him.

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