The value of the amulet Star of Russia or Square of Svarog

One of the most powerful Slavic amulets through which Svarog and ancestors protect a person is the Star of Russia. The amulet reflects the power of many gods, is intended for the realization of many purposes, carries the knowledge of hundreds of generations. But its action will be effective only after activation and when worn correctly.

star of rus

What does the amulet Star of Russia mean?

The symbol of the Star of Russia hides a simplified image of the hearth. And also in the lines there are swastika outlines.

The value of the amulet is the establishment of harmonious coexistence with people and the world around them, the development of intuition and insight, a confident movement towards the goals set. The star is necessary for individuals seeking to understand the secrets of the Universe, to communicate with nature on an intuitive level, to accept it.

Wearing a talisman is permissible for both men and women. But you need to take into account the nuances of the impact of the product on representatives of different genders. Men wear the Star of Russia to develop intuition and thinking, find the right and fair path, and get the opportunity to realize their skills and abilities.

The amulet is suitable for men with low self-esteem, weak character, inability to withstand difficulties. The Star of Russia can be seen in forges and other craft workshops, in the house of a person who works physically or holds a military position.

Slavic women put on an amulet in difficult life circumstances, when they found themselves surrounded by problems and troubles without male help. Modern representatives of the weaker sex buy a talisman in order to confidently hold on to a responsible position, boldly build a career, raise a child on their own, and protect themselves from family conflicts.

Symbol meaning

One of the oldest symbolic images is the Star of Russia, its meaning is the connection with ancestors, the transfer of knowledge to the new generation. But the symbol is ambiguous, each of its elements carries its own meaning.

The symbolism should be deciphered:

  1. The eight-pointed star is the main element of the symbol, which means the merger of three worlds: Navi (the abode of the dead), Pravi (the world of divine essences), Yavi (the real world where people live). The interweaving of worlds is the basis of the universe. Each person is a bearer of the heavenly, the afterlife and the earthly. Another star is a reflection of the connection between three times: the past, the present, the future. A person by his actions influences the course of events, reaps the benefits in the future. And the third meaning is the fusion of the three hypostases of a person: soul, spirit, body. The harmony of fusion determines health.
  2. A rhombus with a star woven into it is a symbol of fertility. This is a schematic representation of a wheat field.
  3. The lines around the rhombus have several meanings: four cardinal points, four elements of nature (fire, air, water, earth), four main human virtues (justice, honesty, freedom, faith). All lines emerging from the rhombus are equal in length, which means that the listed virtues are also equivalent.
  4. The circle surrounding the main elements is figuratively associated with Yarila – the daylight. Has a protective and unifying function. When the Star of Russia is placed in the Sun, the constancy of movement, self-development is shown.

All elements of the Slavic amulet Star of Russia reinforce each other's action. The symbol is a concentrated and schematic representation of the knowledge of ancestors and ideas about the universe.

Tattoo meaning

The Star of Russia tattoo, like the amulet, reflects the fusion of three worlds. It also symbolizes the strength of the connection between masculine and feminine principles, therefore it is applied to the body to strengthen family relationships.

Sketches are created in different styles, the main image can be combined with additional elements. But decorating the body with a Star, a person must understand that in this way he demonstrates his involvement in Slavic culture and paganism.

svarog square value

Svarog square

This name has a purely male version of the Star of Russia. When a man acquires or makes the Star of Russia, he receives the main power from the Square depicted in the center of the composition. Runa Square is the forge of God Svarog, and four versatile lines are tongues of flame emanating from the forge.

Svarog is one of the supreme Slavic Gods, the creator of worlds, who prompted people how to cook food on fire and forge metal tools. He has a stern and hardworking character, does not tolerate injustice and lies. The charms related to him have a strong magical effect. Therefore, the Svarog Square, located in the center of the composition, enhances the protective effect of the Star of Russia amulet.

The amulet is recommended to be worn by artisans, the military, and also by men seeking to restore and maintain the greatness of Russia. It is advisable to buy silver pendants, or made of wood. A gold pendant is undesirable: the symbol goes well with silver, but poorly with gold.

You should know the difference between Svarog Square and the Star of Lada. The main difference is in the meaning of the symbol: the first is male, the second is intended for women, helps to keep the family hearth and protects marital happiness. There are also external differences: the Square has four “tongues” have sharp ends, the Lada – rounded.

Svarog Square is a solar symbol of Russia. Helps the stronger sex:

  • find good luck;
  • understand the secrets of the universe;
  • learn a craft (especially blacksmithing);
  • gain clarity and clarity of thinking (important for men involved in politics and diplomacy);
  • achieve success in the chosen business;
  • develop creativity.

svarog square tattoo meaning

What does tattoo mean

The tattoo with the Svarog Square is not so much protective as it helps the wearer to realize himself and reveal talents. The rune sign applied to the body makes a person hardworking, striving for self-development. It removes all obstacles that prevent professional and personal growth, experience and craft skills.

The Svarog Square has a strong meaning, a tattoo should not be done hastily. You need to think carefully before choosing Svarog Square as a sketch to apply to the body. A tattoo, exerting a magical effect, can turn the usual course of life, which not every person can mentally cope with.

The best places to get a tattoo are the chest and shoulders. The closer the image is to the heart, the more it affects the wearer.

Hammer of Svarog with the Star of Russia

Svarog's hammer is another of the popular male Slavic signs. Often he is depicted not independently, but as part of other amulets. The combination of the Hammer of Svarog with the Star of Russia is most effective in terms of magical effect. The male amulet made of connected symbols has double power. A person receives the wisdom of ancestors, acquires knowledge that helps to achieve the harmony of existence.

Amulet, which combines the Hammer and Square of Svarog:

  • helps people living by conscience;
  • strengthens connection with ancestors;
  • promotes harmony between body and spirit;
  • tempers and balances character;
  • helps to achieve success in the chosen business.

An amulet with two male signs cannot be used by women and children. For them, he is too strong, endowing with unnecessary qualities.

If an adornment with the Hammer of Svarog and the Star of Russia is worn by a shameless and deceitful person, then he will receive a just punishment from the god-blacksmith, pay for deceitful words and criminal acts.

Activating talismans

Amulets are effective if activated and periodically cleaned from the accumulated negative. They activate the Star of Russia and the Square of Svarog in the standard way: by means of four elements. Use:

  • candle flame (fire element);
  • water (water element);
  • a handful of earth or sand (earth element);
  • exhaled air or wind (air element).

The amulet must be put on a clean cloth, ask him for help. Then hold the product over a candle, sprinkle with earth, moisten with water, take out to the wind. The talisman is saturated with the energy of natural elements.

In a similar way, they cleanse the Svarog Square from negative energy.

You should understand the difference between the three versions of the ancient Slavic symbol. To protect family and home, gain wisdom, they acquire the Star of Russia. For gaining inner and physical strength, men wear the Svarog Square. Women who need the help of higher powers use the Star of Lada.

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