The video was shot walking in the cloud angel

The video was shot of an angel walking through the cloudPhoto from open sources

Can a real angel be captured on video?

The question is not simple, since the vast majority of people they probably don’t even know how the angels look. Into the lenses cameras and camcorders from time to time snowmen get in, chupacabras, ghosts, unidentified flying objects and similar anomalies. Meanwhile, angels are disembodied spiritual beings. Of the Abrahamic religions – this is a completely different matter. However, and here, apparently, there are exceptions.

An amazing hit on the World Wide Web a few days ago a video on which, presumably, an angelic essence is visible, walking in the sky through the cloud. The author of the record is unknown, like the time he received this video. The operator, apparently, was on the beach and idly shot clouds above me.

First, in the video below, swimming in the sea is noticeable people, then the author picks up his mobile device and starts shoot the sky. At about the thirtieth second of the cloud above part, which is already a rather strange phenomenon, since normally atmospheric-weighted water vapor has property to move in one direction, and not in different directions.

A photo from open sources

At the fifty-fourth second, it suddenly becomes noticeable (as if manifests) a white humanoid silhouette walking across the cloud. If take a closer look, you can see arms, legs, head and body of a mysterious creature. They are especially distinguishable in movement. The operator does not comment on what is happening. Maybe, this spectacle truly shocked and stripped him of all words, or he simply does not want to impose his opinion on the Internet community.

The supposed angel crosses the cloud and continues move majestically through the clear sky.

I so want to believe in an angel

The original video has collected several tens of thousands on YouTube views and spawned heated debate among video hosting users about what is actually captured here. What represents a mysterious white figure on a cloud?

Some Network regulars agree that an angel is filmed on the video. Others suggest that this is a ghost, which for some reason materialized in the sky, and even in the daytime.

Skeptics claim that it’s just a little cloud, which, due to its light weight, floated higher than others clouds, thereby creating the illusion of a moving living creatures. However, how then to explain what it had humanoid silhouette? You can, of course, assume that the video underwent installation, however, we hope that this is not so, and in something amenable to the sky above the sea rational explanation. After all, in the angels, our good and powerful guardians, so I want to believe …

Angels Time

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