The village where the girls turn into boys

A village where girls turn into boysPhoto from open sources

It is hard to imagine that the young man in the photo was still just recently a girl. Johnny living in a remote village Salinas in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, is one of numerous children who were born women, however in twelve years old dramatically changed sex due to the rarest genetic disease. In recent years, an unusual settlement attracted the attention of many scientists from all over the planet.

A photo from open sources

Now Johnny is a man in the full sense of the word – how mentally and physically. However, his male body formed only at puberty, before that it was on view, and according to all other data the most ordinary girl named Felicity. Felicity wore dresses and attended classes for girls in school with same-sex education, but the parents of a teenager understood that soon they would probably have to fix habits of a child who will change gender.

To any of us, such a transformation will seem incredible, however, in this village, Johnny’s case is the most common thing. FROM the beginning of the millennium, more than two hundred children with this a disease called Guevedoces. Specialists succeeded find out that the deviation is caused by the absence in the organisms of girls an enzyme that interferes with the production of male hormones. IN at the age of twelve in the female body a powerful surge in testosterone, which causes internal and the external female genitals surprisingly turn into men’s.

World experts studying the inhabitants of Salinas want to understand how exactly the latter manage to completely change their gender without any side effects and even the smallest operations. Scientists believe that research in this direction can help people with gender dysphoria (transgender) to transform from women to men without resorting to surgical sex correction.

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