The weakest man

Only in recent years have scientists around the world become serious to doubt the omnipotence of the most intelligent inhabitant of the Earth. To take at least the virus, invisible to the eye, is an absurd creature consisting of the only nucleic acid encapsulated in protein shell.

And this booger can threaten the entire 7 billionth population planet extinction. Epidemics of plague, cholera, typhoid and even flu in millions of lives took their time. And now, despite omnipotent antibiotics, new adversities like SARS, bird or swine flu take human lives. Not AIDS threat disappears. Viruses may be overnight powerless all the scientific centers of the world.

In addition, a person with his developed brain and “deep understanding of “arrangement of the Universe is still often a simple sliver in the hands of the forces of nature. Volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis destroy buildings created in a matter of minutes tens of thousands of professionals. What kind of person is the king after that? nature?

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Of course, one can argue – one thing is the power of inanimate nature or germs, quite another – our smaller brothers. Among them, man no equal! However, hundreds of arguments can be made for creatures. of God who have supernatural powers that homo sapiens lost during evolution.

– The positive and negative mutations of our species have long been over, – assured in his recent performance at the Royal Edinburgh Science Society professor at the University of London Steve Jones – The process of evolution is based on the properties of genes cause changes in the living organism to adapt to the environment environment. And modern man has not only lost his dependence on nature, but he himself changes it, surrounding himself with a maximum of comfort. Therefore, we not only lost a lot of useful skills, but also stopped developing.

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* Coordination of movement even trained a pilot or an acrobat cannot be compared to a bird. Is it even possible to imagine that a person could control situation after all the many pirouettes and “dead loops” that show swifts or swallows when catching dragonflies and mosquitoes?

* Fish have only “brain bubbles” in their heads. However, whole flocks of salmon are able to stay on track. thousands of kilometers long, finding the way to spawning places. Is a person capable of not getting lost even in a hundred times smaller?

* Such a human feeling as intuition, then have the ability to anticipate in some incredible way the upcoming event is peculiar only to particularly sensitive natures. A for long before the shipwreck, the rats left the doomed ship. Before the earthquake, pets leave home. People are so and did not learn to anticipate danger.

* As for extreme situations, then man is not adapted to anything at all. And for example Australian Neoceratode (Lungfish) can wait drying periods of the reservoir, breathing atmospheric oxygen for for many months. Man is not able to hold out in water even with a supply of air in bottles and weeks.

* A similar situation with pressure drops. Microorganisms found at the bottom of the Kola well, without any “health problems” endure pressures in hundreds of atmospheres. Bottom marine animals are exposed to dense salty pillars water several kilometers high. Stingrays, dolphins, whales completely painlessly endure being at these depths. And at scuba diver with such giant congestion lungs tore would.

* Regarding vigilance, any bird of prey, for example, a hawk or falcon, is able to make out a mouse-vole with heights of several tens of meters. And the albatross and the seagull see the fish in dark sea waters. We sometimes do not see what is under us legs.

* We hardly distinguish between “aromas”, which is not say about dogs that can find something on the “odorous” tracks person. And whales are able to feel the presence of relatives somewhere near the “water trail”, as dissolved in huge microscopic amounts of water reach a water column organ of smell of marine giants.

* A lizard whose limb is torn off is capable of completely restore it as soon as possible. Man in a similar situation at best will put a bandage to stop bleeding.


According to some scientists, in the next hundred years, our appearance very much to change. Homo futuries – man will be born future that will be spared from all sores and shortcomings people of today.


Let’s become bigger dwarfs

American Gerontologists Jay Olshanski, Bruce Cairns and Robert Butler of the International Center for Human Research in Scientific Scientist American talked about what changes should be introduced into the construction of the human body so that rid him of some diseases.

– Many of our problems are related to the fact that we walk on two legs, – the authors assure. – And the body structure has not changed enough compared to the distant ancestors that walked on all four. The spine is under too much stress. Thin cartilage discs between vertebrae are deformed, infringe on nerves and spinal brain, hence osteochondrosis, sciatica. Therefore, you need to thicken the discs and tilt the upper torso to the ground to reduce the load on spine. That is, a person should walk slightly bent. But so that the face continues to look forward, the neck will have to be bent up.

And also, gerontologists say, it is necessary to change the structure of the knee the joint. You can remove the patella – part of the skeleton, which often suffers from falls or bumps. Then the knee can bend not only forward, but also backward. With an increase in cartilage pads will slow down joint wear and arthritis will disappear forever.

And in order to maintain hearing that is weakening with age, it is necessary to increase auricle and make it capable of turning to the source sound like animals.

American gerontologists claim that after 50 – 100 years such changes in human design can be made easily.


Turn into a frog

Low, “meter with a cap”, with a huge spherical head, short body, thin bones of the hands, three-fingered hand – exactly so, according to experts-anatomists from the 1st Moscow Medical Institute Valery Vorobyov and Grigory Yasvoin, may look like a man of the future.

Firstly, according to their observations, a process is underway “brachycephalization”, that is, the number of round-headed people (brachycephalus), and the number of eggheads (dolichocephalus) decreases.

Secondly, scientists believe: soon we will part with our teeth wisdom and upper incisors. And then, completely abandoning the rough food, deprived and other teeth. And thirdly, a decrease the spine will cause the pelvis to be so close to to the skull that the shoulder blades almost lie over the hip joint. IN As a result, a person will resemble a giant figure a frog.


Extinct like dinosaurs

– Evolution contains a lot of examples when many animals and the plants finally disappeared, although they seemed to be the top biological creativity – convinced Doctor of Philosophy Oleg Vasiliev. “For every existing species, there are hundreds of extinct.” Nature kept throwing failed ones into the trash. projects, repeatedly repeating countless successes copies. And so that we die out like dinosaurs, today there is everything Prerequisites: climate change and mutation of pathogens. And even from a possible collision with a giant celestial body, we still not protected.

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