The whims of gravity

It is unlikely that each of us often recalls the gift of humanity Isaac Newton’s law of gravity. However, we use they constantly, without even thinking about him and not making special effort. If he had ceased to act miraculously, and we would, breaking away from the sinful Earth, took off somewhere unknown, could not even stay companions of our planet that has ceased us attract!

Gravity, or gravity, which is known to Newton clearly felt, once sitting under an apple tree, we recall when you want to tear off any object from the ground (at least a bag with potatoes) or take off above the bar in the hopping sector of the stadium. FROM the laws of gravity are familiar with any floating or flying objects.

They overcome gravity by opposing it either buoyancy of the liquid or gas into which they are immersed (recall old Archimedes), or the aerodynamic lift of his wings, or centrifugal forces supporting in near-Earth orbit satellites. In a word, gravity is normal, it is everywhere and everywhere.

But suddenly it turns out that there are corners on our planet where gravity does not act at full strength. Several such places – these are the so-called gravitational anomalies. Tell about some of them.


Being in Argentina, I first heard about the mysterious lake Salantina, located near the town of Charata, a few hundred kilometers southeast of Buenos Aires. Allegedly on its banks people sometimes (far from always) gain levitation ability (in translated from Latin – “lightness”), that is, they can for some time soar in space, not attracted to any (even solid, even liquid) surface. In other words, normal gravity on they are not affected at this time.

The vagaries of gravityA photo from open sources

The lack of time did not allow to visit a wonderful place and personally volevit, especially since people who have been there with the same purpose, they say that they had to sit on the shore for weeks lake, waiting for a mysterious anomaly. But, waiting, took off from the ground for several meters and soared up to half an hour. When gravity gradually came into its own, they smoothly sank to the ground. Charat resident Thomas Debaco – the only one who, he said, flew like that 5 times.

Here’s what he said: “It’s hard to convey. For the first time, when I took off, scared to death. After all, this was a complete surprise. We came with a girlfriend to the lake for a swim, and when we were already swimming, some force literally pulled us out of the water and lifted us into the air. We flew for about five minutes. It seemed to me that we are under water, with the only difference is that they could breathe. ”

Scientists so far unsuccessfully trying to unravel the secret of anomalies Salantina, however, still no major research was carried out. The lake itself is unremarkable, it doesn’t exceeds 200 m in diameter, and gravity “turns off” only by a small plot near the coast with an area of ​​approximately 50 square meters. m According to physicist Carlos Penas, who is observing antigravity here since 1999, you can never predict when or the anomaly disappears.


In California, it turned out that Argentina is by no means a monopolist on anti-gravity. Its famous and very popular gravitational anomaly – the so-called Preiser zone, located near the town of Santa Cruz. This mysterious the area was discovered in 1940 by George Preiser. Today a small area on a hillside overgrown with eucalyptus trees became a place of pilgrimage.

A photo from open sources

At the entrance to the zone lies a concrete beam. One end is in a zone of action of mysterious forces, another outside of it. Using level everyone can make sure that the beam is absolutely horizontal. However, if you put two people on opposite ends of the beam approximately the same height, then the one in the zone will look significantly lower, and exchanging places with his partner – much higher than him.

On the territory of the zone there is a small wooden house built Preiser 40 years ago. The house is noticeably skewed. When approaching him visitors feel pressure from the house, so that you have to lean forward to maintain balance. The compass in the area behaves very strangely: a meter from the ground, it’s for sure shows the cardinal points, but it’s worth lowering the device a little lower, as its arrow rotates 180 degrees.

A photo from open sources

A heavy metal ball, launched into the gutter with force tilted to the center of the zone, not having done half the way, stops and rolls back with acceleration. Similar, violating the law of gravity, non-metallic objects also behave. All these phenomena are maximized at the epicenter of the zone – inside huts. People there also feel a powerful impact. They tend to the earth with such force that there is a visual impression that they are floating in the air.

The pioneers of this mysterious place were the Indians from Oloni tribes living on the west coast of America. They are more than once held their mystical rites here.

A photo from open sources

But that’s not all: in different parts of our planet are known several places where gravity does not behave quite adequately.

In China, in the mountainous region of Jitai County, in 2003, tourists became eyewitnesses of the manifestation of the gravitational anomaly in all its glory. They are stopped their car at the bottom of the hollow at the top the hill. The car, taken off the brakes, suddenly drove upstairs increasing speed. The water they spilled is also stubborn moved up the western slope.

Fang Xiaoming, a professor at Lanzhou University, investigated this terrain and revealed that on a plot of 60 m all are round or standing on wheels objects, as well as water, move up the slope, brazenly ignoring Newton’s law. He believes that the reasons for such unusual phenomena may be geomagnetism or changes atmospheric pressure.


And the hill, located near the city of Bacau in Romania, “has fun” in his own way. Claim that after the 90s years of the last century at its foot a treasure was discovered containing about 2,000 silver coins of the era of Trajan (I-II century), mysterious power began to attract foreign objects. Now cars descending from the top of the hill, trying to move back – up.

A similar situation in Israel, on the road near Beit Shemesha – water flows up the road and cars go with engine off. At the same time, plastic products, for example balls, playfully rolling down. This anomaly is significantly more in area – an unusual phenomenon can be observed throughout 600 m. By the way, according to legend, it was in this place that was lost chest with stone tablets on which 10 were inscribed commandments.

In Israel there are two more places with the manifestation of gravitational anomalies are near Megiddo Hill and in the Kedron Valley, and both are also connected with biblical legends: the first is supposedly the place of the final battle of the Light and Darkness – Armageddon, the second – the place of the Last Judgment.

On the Okrokhan road in Georgia, cars with off engines also drive up the hill instead of roll down. At one time, he studied this anomaly. Talez Shonia, however, no clear explanation for the mysterious I did not find the phenomenon.

A photo from open sources

On the hill of Jeju Island in South Korea, you can also watch independently moving uphill cars. Only in unlike the Chinese hill, here they travel up even plastic bottles.


It is also worthless to lag behind Russia – it also has its own wonders with gravity. They were spotted near Krasnoyarsk, in the tract Krasny Crest. Here is the testimony of V. Antrakov from Angarsk:

“It was in the summer of 1977. Climbing the Red Comb, I he stopped, admiring the view of the canyon of Bazanha. There were three more on the rock children aged 12-13. Suddenly, some kind of force squeezed my head, fettered arms, legs and, tearing off the ground, carried through the air to the side cliff. Horror seized me, I thought that now I would fly away into the gorge and break up. But a mysterious force loosened my grip and I crashed on slope from a height of about 3 m, while only slightly hurt. Rose and went down so as not to tempt fate anymore. Ahead of me with all the boys ran away in fear. Two years later I walked along the bottom that same canyon of Bazanha. There was not a soul nearby. And here I am received such a strong push in the chest that he fell over on his back. I immediately realized that I was again faced with the manifestation of the same mysterious forces that once lifted me up in the air. ”

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