The whole Kazakh village fell into a dream

The whole Kazakh village fell into a dreamA photo from open sources

Tomsk scientists will go to Kazakhstan to establish the reason, along which the whole Kazakh village fell into a dream. Last year this Kalachi village of Akmola region registered a number of cases of so-called sleeping sickness. The diagnosis of encephalopathy unclear degree, “doctors delivered 34 local residents – as adults, so to children.

At the end of February this year, five more residents of the village were in a hospital with such a diagnosis. Determine the cause of the disease until managed. This is what Tomsk scientists will do, reported on the website of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

As the professor of this university Leonid Rikhvanov said, his colleagues collaborate with the Kazakhstan Institute of Radiation medicine and ecology. Institute representatives turned to Russian scientists with a request to help understand the situation.

“I looked on the map, consulted with specialists. Yes, indeed, this village is in the zone of influence of the former mining uranium deposits, “the professor noted. According to him, a comprehensive study is needed in the village. The scientist noted that the enamel of the teeth of a local resident or a drop of blood can determine whether a person has been exposed to radiation. Besides In addition, you will need to check the territory where the village is located, on content of uranium, heavy metals, various chemical elements. These works are scheduled for May, when in the study area will come down snow.

“It’s fundamentally decided: we will go there. Kazakhstan specialists take biomedical research, and we will do everything field, – said Leonid Rikhvanov. – We will help in analytics. By taking an integrated approach, the reason can be established. ”

About a strange disease that swept the whole village in early February reported “World 24”. Local residents complained of severe fatigue and constant desire to sleep. Some even had “sleepy” fainting, “which sometimes happened in the most unexpected places – on at work or at a school desk. The disease has other negative the consequences are hallucinations and even memory loss.

A resident of the village of Kalachi Marina Felk told reporters: “I slept for two days, the girls in the hospital room later they said: “Woke up, sleeping beauty?” I don’t remember anything, nothing did not dream. My roommates only told me that I was eager milk a cow”.

Since March last year, scientists have been trying to figure out what is the cause of the disease, but so far unsuccessfully. Local residents, like scientists, are inclined to the version that abandoned uranium mines are to blame. Excavations were carried out not far from the village. The Ministry of Health, however, calms, claiming that the sanitary environment and level radiation in the region does not exceed the norm.

Head physician of the Esilsky district hospital Kabdrashit Almagambetov in January of this year told local media that with symptoms of sleepy seven people were admitted to the hospital, including two children. He also does not believe that the disease is somehow related to uranium mines.

“The fact is that patients from the village of Kalachi work in the village and have nothing to do with uranium mines. And the inhabitants of the village Krasnogorsk, who worked in uranium mines, are not sick and do not contacted us, “the doctor said in an interview with Tengrinews. So the question of the cause of the disease remains open.


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