The winged angel from the Ossetian village

The winged angel from the Ossetian villageA photo from open sources

An angel on a horse was seen over an Ossetian mountain village Digora on a clear sunny February day in 1992. Snow, lying on the slopes of the mountains surrounding the village, intolerable to the eye shone with its whiteness. A three-meter horse appeared in the sky wings. An angel sat astride this white winged horse. By eyewitnesses, an angel on a horse hovered over the roof House under construction by Sergey Katskiev – was spotted by a large group schoolchildren. The horseman made a short landing on the roof and then steeply soared up. The screams of schoolchildren caught the attention of two men standing near the wall of a house under construction – near a pile bricks. One of them saw an angel on a horse, and the other because of only the head of the roof was seen only his head, torso and partly giant wings – he could not make out the body flying horse. Traces remained on the snowy roof. They were photographed from a height of six meters photojournalist of the local newspaper “Vesti Digory” Uruzhmagom Karaev. Extremely clear, excellent quality photo published in the newspaper on February 15, 1992 (to find it now is not managed). On the snow cover lying on the roof appeared after landing an angel on a horse a very long and wide strip is tight accepted snow, and to the left and to the right of it – remarkably clearly visible prints of two giant wings. Judging by the prints, the wings were completely covered with feathers. According to numerous accounts, immediately after the arrival of an angel on a horse, an unprecedentedly heavy snowfall began. However, snow fell from heaven anywhere, but not on the roof with “material evidence” – traces of landing on it. Abundant snow fell like a dome over the roof in all directions. Neither a single snowflake did not fall on the trail of an angel landing on a horse, leaving it for numerous pilgrims as proof of a miracle. Through a couple of days a very strange dream had Zaire Bazaeva-Katskieva, the wife of the owner of the house under construction. In a dream a certain man appeared to her young, twenty-two years old, ruddy and curly-haired angel with small wings. Despite the solid build of Zaira Ilyinichna, the angel easily carried it over several courtyards of the village and set opposite another angel – an old man in brocade robes. Old man in brocade robes instructed a woman to immediately organize a feast for on the occasion of the arrival of an angel on a horse and personally cook fifteen sacred cakes. At the feast, widely publicized, arrived thousands of people from all over North Ossetia and even from neighboring republics. Each of them had the opportunity to personally consider the “imprint with giant wings “on the roof of a house under construction that did not want to disappear from her. Among others, Major General Kim arrived at the feast. Makedonovich Tsagolov with his bodyguards, one of leaders of the mountain republic. During the feast, many thousand rubles for urgent construction in the “holy place” of a large house of worship. A startled owner of a private residential under construction at home, Sergey Katskiev was politely invited to begin his construction private house again and in another place … The building that he already managed to build for their personal needs in a “holy place”, will organically included in the architectural ensemble of the great prayer at home, local old men told the stunned Katskiev … Moral: not talk in vain with your tongue, Zaira Ilinichna, do not gossip with fellow villagers about their strange dreams. Keep silent about them – and no one would have you, darling, together with your hubby has not put out of the new, yet unfinished house.

Angels Snow

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