The woman jumped under the train … and disappeared

The woman jumped under the train ... and disappearedPhotos from open sources of

A mysterious event occurred in the city of Mumbai in western India. On the busy railway station Gatkopar unknown woman calmly went to the edge of the passenger platform and jumped under approaching train. Scary, but, in general, widespread a way to settle accounts with life.

Of course, this is a terrible sight in itself, but here’s what else more surprising and frightening: the alleged suicide is simply dissolved in air. The people on the platform were expecting to see after the train departs from the platform, a bloody mess on the rails, but there was neither a corpse nor a living person – nothing!

Witnesses of this incident and Internet users, where the video from the station camera below observations put forward various theories of what happened. Some consider that the mysterious Indian woman is a real ghost or mythical spirit. Others are convinced that she is simply teleported or passed through the composition and remained in by train.

Still others suggest that a woman jumped or ran over railway, or else it lay between the rails and remained in end up unscathed. True, for this she would have to flee incidents with lightning speed, and on the record it is noticeable that this the lady is already middle-aged, and she was dressed in an uncomfortable run robe sari. After all, those present immediately ran to the edge platforms, however, they did not see anyone below.

Local railway officials concluded that the mysterious woman left safe and sound, but how – it’s not their a business. The police conducted an investigation, but could not find railway tracks not a drop of blood. However, if it is really was a guest from the other world or from a parallel world, as many regulars of the Internet are sure, then there is no sign of it leave and should not.

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