The woman lived 48 years with a bullet in her head

A photo from open sources

A 62-year-old Chinese woman by the name of Zhao has lived 48 years with 2.5 cm bullet in the skull. For many years, a woman suffered from that she had a stuffy nose. In addition, a woman often headache. Doctors were shocked to find out what caused malaise. At the same time, the pensioner herself does not remember how foreign the subject hit her in the head, reports Mirror. Surgeons removed a bullet from the inside of a woman’s nose. According to Zhao, over 10 years, she suffered from a runny nose and swollen lymph nodes. “I happy that that bullet didn’t kill me. I can chat with my family and get the joy of living next to people close to me, “- said 62-year-old Zhao, who lives in Liaoning Province on northeast of China. To the question of how she managed to live almost half a century, not noticing a bullet in her head, a woman finds it difficult to answer definitely. Some Chinese journalists write that in a 14-year-old Zhao’s age received a strong blow to the temple. Deciding what it was the stone, the Chinese woman continued to live on, as if nothing had happened. By other sources, Zhao was somehow stunned by the crazy a bullet, which, however, did not cause the girl much pain. therefore she decided to leave everything as it is. Zhao is not the only person who managed to survive with a foreign object in the body. So, a young man from New Zealand was able to recover from a blow, as a result of whose knife with a 10-centimeter blade stuck in his to the head.


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