The woman with inverted feet became the most quick waitress

A woman with inverted feet became the fastest waitress.A photo from open sources

A woman born with anomalies in the development of the feet and hands, refuses to consider himself an invalid. She not only leads normal life, but also ahead of their friends on the run. When Chinese Woman Wang Fan Chongqing (Wang Fang Chongqing) was born, doctors She was diagnosed with congenital malformations of the feet and hands. Doctors immediately informed the girl’s parents that their child could not lead a normal life and most likely will never to move independently. Despite the disappointing forecasts doctors, Wang stubbornly sought to learn how to walk, and then when she it succeeded, began to master the movement without assistance. Although the successes of girls with developmental abnormalities amazed specialists, they assigned her the status of a disabled child. According to the British the tabloid Mirror, as a teenager, Van forbade to treat herself, as a person with disabilities, and flatly refused to receive a disability pension. And not to be a burden for parents and make a living challenging doctors Chinese woman got a waitress. In conversation with representatives of local Media 30-year-old woman noticed that inverted feet did not prevent her from managing her duties. Moreover, she is the smartest waitress since she has excelled on the run. According to Wang, she is currently easily overtaking. his friends. A woman with inverted feet became the fastest waitress.A photo from open sources “There is no reason to consider me an invalid, she emphasized. – I have a permanent job in the family restaurant and I run faster than most of my friends. I also I’m working faster than the others, of course, if I’m backing up my shoes in advance. As you can see, I am a leader in everyday life, and this is not consistent with disability status. ” Chinese woman claims that in her personal life is all right, and she took place as a mother – women have a son. During pregnancy, Won was afraid that the baby will inherit her anomalies, but, fortunately, the boy was born completely healthy.

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