The world of the dead exists

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No one would have recalled almost a century after the death of the famous Greek writer Dimitrokopulo, if he did not publish new, previously unknown novels by Victor Hugo. And on French, which the Greek did not happen to own. Then where texts? From Hugo himself, Dimitrocopulo assured. Personally, he doesn’t composed, but only recorded, being in a state of trance. Roguish they tried to expose the Greek for a long time, especially his ignorance French But first, the “gugovezov” fell into confusion: tricks plotting, literary style, even linguistic nuances – all genuine. The skeptics finally fell silent when during one of photographic sessions of a Greek dwelling in a trance photographed. On the print next to the writer Dimitrokopulo clearly The translucent figure of Victor Hugo was visible. Described the case is far from an isolated one. XIX, the enlightened age, as it turns out, First of all, it was the age of mediumship. The number of people who have tried to communicate with those who left this world, reached 50 millions. The same number of researchers are convinced that the dead did not disappear without a trace. Scientific Literature evidence of the reality of the afterlife, in the thousands volumes. The problem, of course, is that those convinced of the existence of They failed to convince others of this light, or rather, did not create strictly scientific methods of indisputable evidence. But millions conducted and thousands of detailed experiments just like that on you can’t write off the darkness of gullibility. Clairvoyant Alan Davis published a huge the number of philosophical works highly praised by contemporaries. But not many knew that Davis was a shoemaker by profession. And even that is too much strongly said: uneducated and clearly not capable of even elementary education, he remained an apprentice. Not matured to cobbler, but became famous as a philosopher. True this honest man did not exaggerate his own merits, admitting: “I am only a tool for writing. “In general, in the annals of mediumship there are a huge number of cases, when the level of knowledge, awareness, education caused on the connection of the spirit was immeasurably higher than those who communicated with him people. Moreover, Ruth Brown wrote pieces on behalf of Liszt and Beethoven, not knowing musical notation at all. But musicologists bewildered perplexed upon seeing not only that excellent, previously Unknown pieces, but recognizing the style of these composers. But as you are not able to draw a medium, which during the session in full creates picturesque canvases in the dark, and two at once – one right, another with your left hand! Thinly set focuses, fooling gullible, reading information from the subconscious of those present? There are, of course, such cases. They also give rise to revelations. But there are many facts where there is no place for fraud. The dead father dreamed on the same night of his daughter and son. In both he complains of dreams: the wolves have torn his grave. Brother and sister rush in the cemetery and see a damaged burial place, and in the snow – traces wolves.

“No need to hurry” Vsevolod Mikhailovich Zaporozhets – honored person in science: doctor of technical sciences, geophysicist, For many years, he studied geomorphological patterns. This fact his biography is mentioned so that someone would not think: in the underworld can be believed by either a psycho or an ignoramus. This scientist is not just believes – he received a huge amount of evidence. Having lost a beautiful wife a quarter century ago and languishing in inconsolable sadness, he constantly thought: where is she now, does he see, does he hear me? Consolations of friends and church sermons were few, I wanted irrefutably convinced: she did not disappear without a trace. Not being gifted medium, Vsevolod Mikhailovich began to search among acquaintances of those who are able to connect with that world. For fifteen years there were more than fifty of those. The scientist found without end improved the experimental technique, striving for more and more indisputable evidence. A particular problem has always been validation. no interference. Say automatic writing (when a medium in a trance writes, or draws “dictated”) Effective for those nearby, but interfering and unstable. Means There is always a reason for skeptics not to recognize the results. More five hundred communication sessions with the dead carried out in the apartment of Vsevolod Mikhailovich. In the old Marxist-Leninist times – underground, secretly. Yes, and in the current liberal – without too much noise: exploring the afterlife will not bring laurels to the scientist. There are a lot of evidence cases. “I was told that you was in church today. Well done! “- reports the deceased spouse from there my beloved husband. He actually was in church today. About what in previous sessions, his wife begged. And what, according to the conditions of the experiment, the current medium did not know. Who told her?

A photo from open sources

At the wish of the widower, he will sooner unite in a better world. objection: “There is no need to rush, everyone is very sad about earthly life. Live how much God will give you. You can’t rush, God can be angry for this. “And in fact, there is worse than all suicides: by According to the dead, those who arbitrarily interrupted God’s gift are in agony spend a short period of time and only then join a quiet joyful life in the afterlife.

Afterlife Hooligans There are no wars in that world diseases, neither old age, nor physical deformities. True, no and sexual relations, but love remains, including marital. The information from there is not at all gloomy and terrible. But not only pastel radiant. It also has its own humor, its own jokes, their hooligans. Many mediums, including strangers to each other friend, constantly run into the “afterlife radio hooligan” Zhenya. is he often breaks into communication, crowding out the caller. Zhenya, judging according to accepted texts, inveterate redneck, boor and foul language. Female mediums, broadcasting his remarks, more than once came out of trance states, having difficulty pronouncing aloud his torn catchwords. Zhenya, apparently, is in hell. And then complains about his unenviable afterlife, then, boasts: “In hell is good – every bastard here, and they are funny. “However, he often himself contradicts itself. The question is why, unlike others, Zhenya does not work, admits: “I am mentally retarded.” That blinks: “My job is to follow you.” However, according to Vsevolod Mikhailovich, over the years, even Zhenya’s remarks became less and less boorish and vulgar. There, according to the scientist, there is no struggle of the forces of good and evil, as the church convinces. On the contrary, there is a constant evolution, spiritual perfection. The dead now and then move from one spiritual layer to a higher. Therefore, in the next world, not everyone with able to communicate with everyone: living on different “floors” are inaccessible to each other. 94-year-old Vsevolod Mikhailovich, speaking of approaching death, dreamily smiles: “I look forward to meeting you with his beloved wife. “Waiting, but not in a hurry – he knows what is impossible. Daniel COUNTRYMAN

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