The writer survived clinical death and ceased to be afraid of death

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84-year-old English writer Fay Weldon is not afraid to die, unlike most people. She says that several clinical deaths occurring with her saved her from fear of the afterlife.

“When I was little, I kept asking my mother, why I live, is there God and what happens to us after death, – Weldon begins his story. – Now that I’m getting closer to to my ninth ten, I understand that neither my mother nor science failed to answer any of the pressing questions of my childhood. Therefore, I made several conclusions based on my own experience. ”

The first case of clinical death occurred with Fay at the age of 17 years: the girl had a knee operation under general anesthesia, as suddenly her heart stopped. “I felt that fast I move along the tunnel, hurrying to the light shining at its end. I experienced an incredible feeling of euphoria – bright and unforgettable. Physiologists assure us that this experience is a consequence of the fact that a dying brain is deprived of oxygen. They may be right, but hardly this can be called a complete explanation of the ecstasy that I experienced. Of course, something spiritual happened to me, ”he said. a writer. Another “meeting” Weldon with death took place in mid-70s: a woman under anesthesia, again suffered a clinical death. “That time I saw bright heavenly the gates. They opened in front of me, and I, peering through the fog, saw the other side. I had a clear impression that here too There is an old struggle between evil and good. I woke up in intensive care from own cry: “Yes, I see more than before!” – recalls 84-year-old Englishwoman. – Whatever it is – heaven or hell, but there it wasn’t so bad, and I realized – death is just a continuation life in a different way. ” In her article, the writer admits that with age he thinks more and more about his visions and the afterlife. “Am I thinking of death? Yes, of course, but I’m not afraid her. After the dying experience, I still have a feeling that The universe is good to us. The aging process scares me more than suspense. I know what you think – how is this old woman could have a dying experience? Believe me, it’s not so easy to introduce me into misconception. I’m not superstitious, don’t believe in talismans or crystals and quite rational in all other respects, ”- confidently concludes Faye Weldon.

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