There are lakes on the Indonesian island of Flores, color changing periodically

On the Indonesian island of Flores there are lakes that periodically change color.A photo from open sources

Not everyone knows about the unique miracle of nature in Indonesian Flores Island. The local volcano Kelimutu has three crater lakes, painted in different shades. The most amazing thing is that each of these reservoirs periodically changes color. The lakes turn milky white bright turquoise, dark brown, light green, impervious black and even blood red. Scenic attraction It is located at an altitude of 1639 meters above sea level.

A photo from open sources

Sometimes these amazing ponds, two of which share a common crater wall, change the color of water in just one day. The nature of this phenomenon has long been of interest to both ordinary people and and specialists. Ancient legends from local folklore say that in this place is inhabited by the souls of the dead, and each of them falls into one or another lake, depending on the acts committed during life. It is said that sometimes mysterious ghosts appear here.

A photo from open sources

In the west lake, usually blue or white, they say, fall those who led a righteous life. Nearby pond, most often acquiring green or red color, becomes the abode of people, who, although they sinned, did not particularly abuse it. But southeastern lake, often turning brown and black, contains the souls of burnt sinners who have brought a lot of evil in this world. Of course, the spirits are always uncomfortable here, and they are very embittered.

A photo from open sources

As for the orthodox of science, then, according to their opinion, everything blaming bacteria, minerals or hot gases from the volcano staining mysterious lakes in different colors. Dense mineral water, possibly rising from the bottom to the surface, making ponds acquire unusual shades. Another key factor may is the oxygen content in crater lakes. If it’s low the water will turn blue or green, and if high, then red, brown or black.

However, as shown by surveys of tourists, people like it more legends than scientific explanations for this mysterious anomaly. faith in miracles are not a whim of a person, but rather their ability to expand his idea of ​​the world around us, breaking out of narrow and close framework of the scientific justification of everything and everything …

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