There are many real vampires in the world.

There are a lot of real vampires in the worldPhotos from open sources of vampirism can only be seen as a skin disease, very sensitive to the sun, which under the influence of rays right there blisters. In the world there are only a few thousand people exposed to this strange and very unpleasant affliction.

However, no matter how fantastic it may seem to people materialistic mindset, in the world there are real vampires, that is, among us there are many people who cannot live without human blood. For example, Professor D.J. Williams (Williams) has been working with such bloodsuckers for many years. Vampires, he says, found among ordinary workers, and among lawyers, doctors, writers, and even among top-ranking politicians. Brings them all together that without human blood they literally begin to die, that is, to feel a real breakdown.

However, after drinking some donated blood, a modern vampire comes back to normal and continues to live among us, as if nothing it happened. Naturally, such people do not get up at night from the graves and do not attack people in order to suck blood from them. They are act in a very civilized way: agree with donors (in this is currently easy to do over the internet) which supply them their blood for money.

According to Williams, vampires harm us much more than we we think. The fact is that such people try to behave very decently, so as not to arouse suspicion among others. Usually, they do not go to either doctors or psychologists because they do not believe that vampirism is treatable. Most of them are sure that they were born as such, since the craving for human blood is They manifested itself in early childhood. But if in childhood the body is still somehow coped with a lack of energy without donated blood, then with over time, the need for it begins to increase.

True, some vampires admit that craving for human blood, like dependence on it, they sharply increased after how they happened to try this “life-giving drink” for the first time. Human blood is the same drug, with the only difference being predisposition to it is expressed much brighter than that of potential drug addicts or alcoholics.

Is it possible with such a disease to replace human blood with blood animal? Professor D.J. Williams answers this question negatively, in his practice this did not happen. By the way people animals constantly drinking blood, for example, in a slaughterhouse, too get addicted to this drink, but it’s completely different dependence.

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And finally, many are worried about the question of whether there are in our world real vampires, that is, those who rise from the graves at night and kills its victims by drinking their blood, thereby turning them into the same ghouls? There is no single answer to this. For instance, Belarusian researcher of this phenomenon Vadim Deruzhinsky convinces us that such vampires exist. This is also peculiar. a disease, he says, unknown to us not only in terms of treatment, but even as part of an understanding of its mechanism of action. Logical mind is not it is given to understand a lot, for example, how a person can get up from a grave, turn into a wolf (werewolf), move in space, fly without wings and a propeller, and so on. But this is not at all means that there are no such people. They are, says Deruzhinsky, and especially there are many of them in Europe, since vampirism appeared in the Middle Ages are here (through the fault of aliens) and, unfortunately, in one form or another, still persists …


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