There is a mysterious bridge in Scotland where they die dogs

There is a mysterious bridge in Scotland where dogs dieA photo from open sources

Not everyone knows that in the Scottish city of Dumbarton (West Dunbartonshire County) there is a mysterious bridge that, according to the opinion of local residents, has ominous supernatural properties.

A photo from open sources

15-meter-high Overton Bridge, built in 1895 and decorated with bartisans, notorious for what it over the past 70 years, a total of more than 600 dogs have jumped, many of which have crashed to death.

A photo from open sources

Nobody knows what caused such strange behavior of our four-legged friends however the fact that dogs have the property jumping from this structure is a scientifically proven fact. Overton Bridge has long been interested in specialists, in vain trying to solve his secret. It is only known for certain that animals jump from the same place, always in fair weather, and most often we are talking about representatives of rocks with long faces.

A photo from open sources

City employees were even forced to install here a warning sign for dog owners about a dangerous property bridge and encouraging them to use leashes. However, this is not stops stray animals whose corpses are periodically found down below.

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Well-known dog psychologist David Sands has been researching for months. this place, however, did not make any significant conclusions. According to one specialist hypothesis, dogs are attracted by the musky smell of urine living under the bridge of minks. Another version says that dogs are not color discriminating, fall down accidentally as the landscape here seen by animals in a completely different way than us, and they do not observe differences between the bridge and its background.

Local author Paul Owens completely disagrees with materialistic conclusions of Dr. Sands. The writer spent own investigation and determined that dumbarton is a unique place where since the Middle Ages are fixed numerous paranormal phenomena.

A photo from open sources

For example, the ghost of the White Lady is often noticed here, while Overton Bridge is considered by psychics the so-called “thin a place “where the line between our and the afterlife is very fragile. Owens recalls that several times from this facility people fell, but for some reason journalists were more interested death of pets of citizens. But in October 1994, one man even threw away his newborn son from here, shouting strange the words: “this child is the Antichrist,” and then he jumped down himself …

One way or another, the “dog suicide bridge” as its unofficial called by the people, is a curious modern a riddle that invariably impresses lovers of paranormalism and annoying orthodox scientists who are not able to find what is happening intelligible scientific explanation.

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