There is a space image that was interpreted as thermal anomaly

Few people know that in Kazakhstan, scientists have discovered one of the largest anomalous zones in the world: on the site of the former Semipalatinsk test site there is a heat spot on the ground in the form dragon. This discovery aroused unprecedented interest. Photos from open sources For several years, scientists puzzled over the nature of its occurrence. There were many versions. Perhaps an anomaly spawned nuclear tests or underground works “natural stove “- a layer of coal? Or maybe it’s all experiments extraterrestrial civilizations? Otherwise, why doesn’t there snow and does grass grow? But the main question that worries: what can be the consequences of this anomaly? “Sleeping Dragon” – so called scientists anomalous thermal zone in the area of ​​the former Semipalatinsk polygon – clearly visible from space. Outlines of a heat spot really look like a dozing monster. First him discovered in 1997 by specialists from the Space Institute research of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and this happened by chance. Employees conducted snow cover study commissioned by the Ministry Agriculture. Images were taken from space in which a black spot was clearly visible, which for unknown reasons did not covered with snow. Since then, the anomaly has been monitored. But “sleeping dragon” asked scientists new puzzles. The main the mystery is the temperature of the earth in the region of Semipalatinsk polygon. At minus winter temperatures, scientists recorded up to +12 degrees Celsius. Bomb … informational The sensational discovery of Kazakhstani scientists caused a real the commotion in academia, not only domestically, but also in Russia. Journalists, picking up the news, turned it into real “information bomb”: “Russia has a mine laid on its side” slow motion “- the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. The mysterious thermal processes taking place there may be consequence of tests of atomic weapons … “- wrote Russian publications. Versions about the occurrence of a thermal spot, the area of ​​which makes almost 20 thousand square meters, there were the most different – from “divine hand” and “alien experiments” before trying scientific explanation of this unique phenomenon. Some years scientists’ attention was focused on the anomalous zone. Was planned conducting an expedition with the participation of specialists from Kazakhstan, Russia, USA and Japan. But soon the debate about the mysterious “dragon” subsided, and the research results remained a mystery to the public. 15 years after the discovery of the anomalous zone in district of the Semipalatinsk test site, we tried to find out what scientists could “dig out”. It turned out that many of those who dealt with this issue, have already left Kazakhstan. But sleeping dragon “all this time kept under control and watched him behavior. Anomaly Tracking Institute Specialists space research did a great job, the results which was presented last year in Moscow at the All-Russian open conference. About what was discovered experts, we asked the experts. – The first pictures were taken in the winter. We saw that for some reason it doesn’t lie on a vast territory snow, it stands out as a black spot. In this case, the heat spot appears in certain months, from December to March, in November even when snow fell, it did not appear. We also made observations in the summer and clearly saw that in the same territory a zone stands out where grass does not grow. Although this territory is located closer to the northern regions, then, in fact, there should be very abundant vegetation, says a leading researcher Institute Irina VITKOVSKAYA, showing us satellite images sleeping dragon. – After these discoveries, we began to “hunt for dragon, “began to observe his behavior throughout the year and collected data for several years. The dragon showed itself most fully in 1998. During this period, its area was the largest in observed period, we recorded its boundaries. Big commotion initially suggested that the heat spot could move. As if indeed underground mysterious happen processes whose results are not yet known to us, and they wander in looking for a way out. But after observation, scientists came to the conclusion that the borders of the spot vary depending on the intensity of snow cover. In addition to pictures of vegetation and snow in this area scientists also took pictures of the so-called thermal range. – In the afternoon, we did not record changes, as the earth warms up the sun, but at night we recorded our own temperature surfaces and saw thermal spots, experts say. Yet one mystery that has not yet been solved: every night over “cloud” cloud hangs. It’s like the sky is trying to hide secrets of the anomalous zone. – This is not a continuous cover, but a faint haze. we we assume that this is due either to night winds or to smoke with Pavlodar CHP, experts say. In general, to unravel the mystery of the anomalous zone, as you can see, scientists have collected all possible information together – data on tectonic faults, boundaries explosions at the site – and conducted an analysis. The findings turned out to be unexpected … Nuclear explosions woke the “dragon”? One of the loudest versions of the appearance of an anomaly in the area of ​​the landfill are nuclear explosions. Here is what Russian scientific publications wrote about this: “The latest geothermal processes developing in the territories Former nuclear sites, worried geologists and geophysicists. Experts tend to believe that a sharp increase in soil temperature and rocks in the areas of test sites associated with the formation of a peculiar swelling in the earth’s crust. “However, Kazakhstani scientists questioned the conclusions that The cause of the anomaly could be nuclear testing. – Since the spot was discovered on the territory of the Semipalatinsk test site, then this immediately aroused certain assumptions about the reasons for his appearances, says the head of the Space Institute laboratory Research Madina BATYRBAEVA. – But in the pictures that we done, clearly visible: the spot goes beyond the polygon, and this raises doubts about its origin. Semipalatinsk Square landfill – 18.5 thousand square kilometers, the “sleeping dragon” lies not throughout its territory, but along the ridge its “head” and “tail” go far beyond borders. Also, scientists compared test sites with data on heat spots. One such spot coincided with the Degelen site, here under the mountain made more than 200 explosions. But in the Balapan area, where there was more than 100 explosions were made, and on the Murzhik site (25 explosions) no temperature anomalies were detected. But there are thermal spots on the western borders of the landfill. We asked for an opinion on the origin thermal anomalies at the head of the Center for Integrated Environmental Research of INP NNC RK Victor GLUSHCHENKO: – Thermal anomalies wander, and this spot accidentally appeared on the territory Semipalatinsk test site. This is just a geophysical phenomenon and to It has nothing to do with the landfill, ”he answered. At the Institute of Radiation safety and ecology that was created after closing Semipalatinsk nuclear test site to study the consequences, consider that there is no thermal anomaly at all. Director Institute Sergey LUKASHENKO expressed the following opinion: – There is space image, which was interpreted as the presence of thermal anomalies. We conducted research, measurements on the ground. On the territory there are local small anomalies. Square kilometer. During nuclear tests, the cavity remains hot. for a long time, decades. And slight temperature changes are present. It is worth mentioning some of the processes in coal strata occurring in these places. There is a suspicion that underground destruction, there are signs of gas evolution … About the anomaly our ancestors still knew Although nuclear scientists did not recognize anomalies at the Semipalatinsk test site, other scientists believe that she is. And historians even express the opinion that about this spot our ancestors still knew! They have long noticed the features of this site. land and considered it a black spot. The shepherds have long known that on a mysterious piece of land does not grow grass. Therefore, they drove cattle away from the “dead” land and never arranged parking here. Scientists from the Space Research Institute managed to find facts that the “dragon” existed long before the appearance of Semipalatinsk test site. We have studied literary sources. Found Atlas of 1935, which was compiled after the expedition, which organized by the Academy of Sciences. And there this zone stands out by meteorological signs, it is marked as an area of ​​elevated temperatures. If this anomaly was known, questions arise: why it was here that the nuclear test site was located? What they wanted to hide in “closed” zone? That we will probably never know. But the main the question remains: what “surprises” can “sleeping” bring dragon “? Despite years of research, scientists have not guessed the main mystery … Such conclusions were made by scientists of the Space Institute studies and presented them at a conference in Moscow: Analysis long-term data from a network of weather stations for the period from 1881 to 1935 showed that thermal anomaly in this area is noted at all maps of the period December – March long before the creation of the landfill and nuclear explosions. Snowless spot in the area celebrated annually. The location and configuration of the spot is practically invariable, only the area of ​​the snowless area changes. On daytime images in the landfill, in addition to the temperature trace, stretching along the main Chingiz fault, two are distinguished stable centers of elevated temperatures that do not coincide with sites of underground nuclear explosions. Temperature difference on these areas with a background temperature of 6–7 degrees. Maybe we we are dealing with the integral effect caused by the whole complex various reasons: these are tectonic faults, coal seams, nuclear explosions … Alexandra Myskin

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