There was a deafening explosion and … night turned into a day

There was a deafening explosion and ... the night turned into dayA photo from open sources

A strange event happened the other day in Nigeria. In the state capital Osun over the city of Osogbo late in the evening, when the street was already it is dark, suddenly from the sky there was a deafening explosion and then night turned into a day – it became so light.

Moreover, bright lighting and a deafening sound were observed at this time and not only Osogbo residents heard, but also Oke Fia, Alekuvodo, Olayu, Istate. According to Tribune Online, the mysterious a heavenly phenomenon caused a panic among locals, some of who thought that either the war began, or the earthquake, then whether the Apocalypse comes at all, and therefore, just in case hastened to leave their homes. Who just ran out of curiosity to the street…

For example, Titilaya Adekunl, who lives on Petra Avenue Agibola of Osogbo, talks about this strange event So:

No one knows what it is. Very bright light and a terrible roar from the sky arose instantly. It became light as day although before that it was already night on the street, it was still half-past nine. IN mostly the townspeople were already at home, but I was lucky watch it all from the first moment of inception, as I was at that time on the street. Soon other people jumped out from the houses. Who said it started the second coming of Jesus Christ, who complained about the military, who are testing new weapons, who believed that this was done by aliens. However after five minutes everything disappeared: a bright light and an unpleasant sound, and therefore familiar darkness again enveloped the city.

Authorities and scientists are still silent. Probably, independent researchers of paranormal phenomena suggest neither one has an acceptable explanation for what happened in Nigeria, and to laugh people with some fables is no one I want to.

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