There will be no more snow: Japanese scientists made weather forecast in Eurasia

There will be no more snow: Japanese scientists made a forecast on the weather in EurasiaA photo from open sources

Japanese experts from Tohoku University are sure because global warming weather in Eurasia will change significantly. Researchers who conducted rigorous research also drew attention to the fact that this winter most of Russia left virtually no snow. In their opinion, this is a clear sign global climate change.

According to experts, in the coming years in winter in Instead of snow, Russia and Japan will have heavy rains. One of large-scale study participants associate professor Sasai Takahiro said RIA Novosti correspondent that such changes affect many corners of the earth. Where it usually snowed during the winter months, it will go rains. In the coldest regions, snow is still possible, but it will melt quickly.

Experts also added that over the years, warming processes will only gain momentum, and snow will be less and less. This in winter, abnormally warm weather is observed in most of Russia, in some places spring plants began to bloom and even appeared mushrooms.

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