These mysterious timelines

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The phenomenon of mirage is familiar to all of us, scientists have long found a clue this amazing optical phenomenon. But sometimes in the sky paintings remote from us not in space but in time. This is true called chronomrage.

Phantom battles

October 23, 1642 near the English city of Edgill supporters of the monarchy and supporters of parliament argued about the future political structure of England. The battle involved about 28,000 people. After the battle, about 5,000 dead remained on the field tel. Residents of a nearby village and did not assume that this they have to go through a nightmare more than once.

On Christmas Eve, banners again fluttered in the sky above the battlefield, soldiers fired from muskets, chopped and killed each other. “Re movie “repeated for 2 weeks. From London arrived sent King Charles I commission of 6 people – participants in the battle. The veterans with horror recognized among the fighting their dead comrades and themselves.

In the XVII and XVIII centuries in England and Scotland phantom battles observed repeatedly. Weeks, months, or years after battles in the sky ghost battles of 1609 were played. by the river Boyne 1704 for Gibraltar, 1746 at Caledon, 1744 between England and France written evidence remains more than necessary. IN 1815 a week after the Battle of Veterloo residents Belgian Verviers observed in the sky the famous battle “in records. ”

In 1954, English geological students Patrick Skipuit and Peter Zinoviev observed a phantom battle during his journey to the mountains of Scotland. In the sky above their tent they ran across and fired at arrows to the enemy in old clothes. Going down, they excitedly started talking about what the administrator saw hotels, but he reacted rather sluggishly. People who have seen a reflection of the battle that happened here in 1745 in the village full of.

In Russia, the chronometers of past battles were repeatedly observed members of search squads conducting search and reburial of remains fallen Soviet soldiers. In places of bloody battles they they repeatedly observed scenes of attacks and hand-to-hand combat.

A distinctive feature of the timing is the presence of sound. All witnesses unanimously claim that the heavenly battles pass under the crack of drums, the rumble of guns, the screams of attackers and the cries of the dying.

Chronographs of the castle of Franco Castello

In 1828, the Turks stormed Franco Castello Castle for a week, which settled the Greek rebels. And now for almost 200 years in late May-early June as soon as the first rays of the sun touch walls of the castle, a “battle canvas” appears above the sea: the Turks again storm, and the Greeks defend the castle. The “battle” drifts slowly in side of the castle and, having reached its walls, dissolves.

A photo from open sources

Not every year the castle pleases tourists with spectacles, but the Germans World War II was lucky. True reacted to the local “attraction” German “tourists” are inadequate: when on their broken the walls of the castle camp at dawn sailed Cretan chronomrage, they raised the fire.

A photo from open sources

Tachyons are to blame for everything?

Official science for a long time refused to recognize chronomrage. Today, many scientists are trying to determine the mechanism this strange phenomenon. German scientist Arnold Sommerfeld the theory of the existence of tachyons – particles capable of move with superluminal speed on a time scale, carrying with information. According to Sommerfeld, timing is not a miracle, but common natural occurrence, like a rainbow.

Sommerfeld’s theory has an interesting continuation: who said that tachyons can only move on the timeline in one side? So if a person tames tachyons, he will be able to see chronomrage not only of the past, but also of the future.

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