These ordinary and such unusual eyes

These ordinary and such unusual eyes.Photos from open sources of

Seems to be more familiar than eyes? Your eyes which we see every single day in the mirror. The eyes of our loved ones friends and even the eyes of unloved and just enemies. What are they all these eyes are different because some of them radiate love, tenderness and affection, and others may harm us and even destroy …

It turns out that the human eye is not just perfect optical device with which we behold our surroundings the world is something more. And even why we have two eyes, and, say, not three? True, we also constantly hear about the third eye, and this far from mysticism and not fiction, but quite scientifically proven fact.

Why we see with our eyes is relatively small and bad, while some animals can easily navigate in darkness, and the eye of an eagle, for example, is able to distinguish even small a coin on earth from a height of several kilometers?

Finally, why even eye color is far from an accident, because they determine the character of a person, and some people are capable of to see in the eyes of a person all his illnesses, fate and even the exact date of death.

About these and other no less interesting secrets of human eyes you can find out by watching another series of documentary cycle “Undisclosed secrets.”

Do you know that you can recognize the character by eye color?

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