They carry water on the offended, or What is – muscle corset?

They carry water on the offended, or What is a muscle corset?A photo from open sources

Head of the Institute for Human Self-Healing M.S.Norbekov wrote many best-selling books, created a whole system fight against various diseases, starting with poor vision and ending with, say, cancerous tumors. The main thing in his system Mirzacarim believes himself to be self-healing – mental attitude person.

The basis of his treatment is the so-called “octave”, which Mirzakarim advises use in almost any business (not only in terms of restoring and maintaining health): in business, creativity, in everyday work, even in family relationships and love

Norbekov’s “Octave” is a peculiar flight of the soul when you want hug the whole world and reunite with God. Famous parapsychologist and writer Lissi Moussa defines this condition as “soaring.” These are those rare moments when a person becomes like God and practically can easily change his fate, that is, create in this time is all that it wants. But how to achieve this “soaring” or octaves?

Norbekov says that a person consists of emotions, thoughts and physical component (from the so-called “muscle corset”). We can’t practically influence the first two components, but changing “muscle corset” is easy. But since these “three brothers” are inextricable and united, then, changing one, you can change all the rest. For example, we can create in our soul the beautiful mood, just smiling, even at first and through strength.

Through the “muscle corset,” says M. Norbekov, you can control this complex, and as yet little studied, “demigod” whom we we call – a man. That is, you can restore his health, youth, prolong life, make life itself richer, saturated – yes anything.

A short film proposed for viewing makes it clear that such a “muscle corset”, and how a simple smile can radically change our life.

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